Drama Juniors gear up for grand finale of Season 2 with Zee Kannada

A finale that breaks the roof to celebrate its dramatic juniors, Zee Kannada is ready to blow your minds with talent like never seen before! A passionate crowd of 40,000 people were present at the grand finale of Drama Juniors Season 2 to show their support to the dreams of the 8 Drama Juniors 2 finalists, in Hospet – Bellary district, Karnataka. Clear your schedules to watch the youth of Karnataka as they mesmerize you with the best of acts this Sunday, December 24 at 6.00 PM.

With the incrediblesuccess of Drama Juniors Season 1, our Drama Juniors from Season 2 dazzledeverybody just enough to steal the show. Drama Juniors Season 2 left theaudience and the judges panel, including MukhyamantriChandru, Actress Lakshmi,Actor Vijay Raghavendra and the show host Master Anand spellbound. The surpriseappearance and the marvellous performance by Drama Juniors Season 1 contestantsfloored every single person in the crowd that evening.

From the very talentedbunch of 19 Drama Juniors who started with their journey in Season 2 together,the best of 8 accomplished their spot in the finale of Drama Juniors Season 2.Each of their final comical acts kept everybody at the edge of their seats.Their performances held true to the culture of North Karnataka, with a combinationof traditional drama and theatre forms from the region.

Participants Amit andSumit enacted Lord Sri Krishnadevaraya and Tenali Rama respectively whileVamshiand Aradhya played characters Veeranjaneya and Ravana. The Shravya and Veekshaduo perfomedKalakar, ‘An Actors’ biography’, and lastly, Harsha--now referredto as the SandoorLadu--enacted the role of Sandoor Star, while Preetham playedHyder Ali for their finale acts. All four performances left the audience andthe judges in splits, dedicating their act to North Karnataka and allSandalwood actors.

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