EarlySalary & Niki.ai introduce new ‘Shopping Chatbot’ with pay-later option

Pune, February 15th, 2018: EarlySalary, India’s first FinTech start-up to offer Instant Salary Advances & Short terms loans has tied up with India's leading Artificial Intelligence firm Niki.ai, to offer its customers a simple and easy to use chat bot to shop for products and services whilst using the EMI option.

EarlySalaryand Niki.ai will help in simplifying the shopping experience by permitting thewhole ordering process on chat itself. This collaboration will not only resultin a hassle free experience, but will also allow users to opt for the paylater facility while picking services like – mobile phone recharge,cab booking, utility bills, laundry, hotel bookings, making party bookings, etc.Moreover, this partnership will also eliminate the need for downloadingmultiple e-commerce apps by providing a smart one-stop-shop forones needs. 

‘Niki’ developed by a group of fourIIT graduates, is an artificial intelligence based bot that works as a smartpersonal assistant. The user interface is quite simple and intuitive. Theconversations between the user and bot are prompt and in real time which don’trequire any human intervention. This makes Niki the only fully automatedbot to handle end-to-end transactions. 

Given thehigh rate of internet penetration, shopping apps are becoming a new-age trendin India. Besides, demonetization has led to an increase in the number of usersshopping online and over two million young Indians are now buying productsand services online. Also, as per a recent survey by Criteo - the performancemarketing technology company, about 74 per cent of Indian mobile users haveinstalled two to five shopping apps on their smartphones. The survey furtherdivulged that about 80 percent of the online shoppers now find mobile shoppingmore secure. A conversational interface only makes it easier, since everyone isalready habitual to using messaging apps today. 

Elaborating on this new partnership Akshay Mehrotra, Co-Founder& CEO at EarlySalary commented, “At EarlySalary, tech innovationshave always been our chief focus. With this association, we are aiming to offerour customers convenience through simplifying their everyday lives by way ofrevolutionizing the entire online experience. We see a good benefit in usingartificial intelligence for intuitive customer interaction & lending. AtEarlySalary we aim to position ourselves as the first line of credit for theyoung working Indians, hence partnerships like these take us one step closer tothis goal”. 

Commentingon the partnership, Sachin Jaiswal, CEO at Niki.ai said“This partnershiprevolutionizes the shopping experience for Indian customers. They can nowsimply chat with Niki for various services like they do on a messaging app& pay later using EarlySalary credit. With a very simple SDK integration,all the 20+ commerce services of Niki are now available within the EarlySalaryapp environment. Moreover, the experience of transacting over simpleconversations is ideal for the EarlySalary customer, would lead to an increasein customer satisfaction, repeats, retention, and increased revenues for ourpartner. This is just a beginning of the partnership for the 2 AI firms, and wehope to create a much bigger success story with EarlySalary in the time tocome”. 

EarlySalaryas a company has always tried to use technology in a way that helps inproviding the best possible experience to its customers

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