East Delhi Market raided by Mumbai Enforcement for duplicating Prince Pipes and Fitting Product

New Delhi, February 27, 2020:The Cantonment of Maharashtra Enforcement, investigator and officials of Prince Pipes and fitting Limited raided M/S Kapil Traders, New Delhion February 21,2020.

Police conducted a raid at Vijender Kumar owned M/S Kapil Traders atKarawal Nagar, North East Delhi. The owner has been booked under section 420 of IPC and Section 102, 103 & 104 of US Trademark actfor using the duplicated product under the brand name of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited. Seized goods were one-inch CPVC Pipes, Greenfit PP-R and 27 CPVC ball valvesthat are currently under police custody.

The spokesperson of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited, said “We are committed to customer satisfaction by meeting their needs & expectations. We believe the trade,consumers & the institutions understand that we have been transparent in communicating our manufacturing process which is zero defect. We are asking the consumers to take a conscious call to buy the right product while reminding them of the fact that any leak or defect in the piping system at their home would lead to breaking of the walls as well as digging up the entire house to figure out the leak which will be a huge cost to them."

Mumbai Enforcement department which led the process said in their report, “In the view of the above Prima Facie, it is clear that this is a case of violation of vested rights of rightful owner of PRINCE PIPES & FITTINGS LIMITED and any pirated products therefore cannot become the rightful owner in any manner. Under these circumstances, we are of the view that it is a strong Prima Facie case of infringement of trademark, copyright and passing off. These illegal manufacturers make a tremendous profit from the production and distribution of these goods. There as on for such profitability is that many of these individuals carry on fly- by- night operations in small labs, old factories or garages. They, unlike legitimate manufacturers do not spend any money or resources in establishing world-class factories. They spend no time or funds conducting clinical tests or research & development (R&D) for the products they produce. As they do not have any substantial overheads, all the money derived from the sale of such products goes directly into their pockets. All these manufacturers have to do is to simply copy the design, layout, get-up, color, marks, fonts etc., reproduce the inferior quality and then sell it in the market”

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