EastmanAuto and Power Limited to launch state of the artGrid Tie Solar PV Inverter

Chennai, 15thFeb2018: EastmanAuto and Power Limited (EAPL), a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of energy storage and solar solutions provider, today announced the launch of ‘State of the art Grid Tie Solar PV Inverter’- one of the most advancedGrid Tie solar PV invertersin the Indian market. Eastman’s grid-tie SolarPV inverters come with modular design, stronger grip, and support. It is compact, light-weight and energy efficient. It is 40% lighter compared to industry standards.

Eastman’sgrid-tie solar PV inverter is designed under the latest applied scientificautomation. These inverters are technologically exceptional solar devices forresidential homes and commercial segments. Light-weight and compact designmakes the series suitable for long-distance transportation and favourable forindoor and outdoor installation. It is designed to adhere to extreme weathercondition with maintenance efficiency. The advanced MPPT algorithm gives a peakefficiency of 99.9% and wide MPPT voltage range of 100 to 490Vdc and guaranteesmaximum power generation in compliance with the IEC standards of safety.Eastman’s Grid Tie Solar PV inverter is available in 4 different models- 1KW3KW5KW and 10KW whichare also certified under IEC standards.

Speaking onthe launch Mr.Harinder Singh, President Sales & Marketing,EastmanAuto and Power Limited said, ‘With the present government’sthrust on solar, the segment is gaining a larger share in India's energybasket. We at EAPL have been doing our best to strengthen and upgrade the powerback up industry. We are now focusing on advanced, easy to afford andfuturistic solar power products to offer more energy efficient choice to ourcustomers. The solar powered grid tie PV inverter is perfect to offer powersolutions for households&commercial setups. We are confident that ourcustomers will appreciate the product.”

Some corefeaturesthat makeGrid Tie Solar PV inverter a smart option for you are:

·         IP65Protection

·         Wideoperating PV voltage range

·         Compactand light weight

·         Peakefficiency up to 98%

·         Quickand easy installation

·         Maintenancefree

Eastman’sGrid Tie solar PV inverter offers user-friendly LCD display. Grid-tie series assurea recovery of investment within 3-4 years making them the most efficient afterpremium on-grid inverters available in the market. Click on the below mentionedlink to see the AV of Grid Tie Solar PV Inverter:


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