Education Training Workshop on Human Rights, Gender Equality and Human Trafficking

BengaluruL 27st March 2017 The departments of Political Science and English, government First Grade college, K.R.Puram, along with the International youth Red cross and NCC Army Wing organized a one day workshop on education training on human rights, gender equality and human trafficking in association with the state human rights commission and global Concerns India. The workshop was attended by the select 120 students from all streams of the college with P.G Political science students being in full attendance.

Theprogramme started with the registration (free) of the students at 9:30 am andthe welcome address was proposed by Lt. Patrick Rajkumar, the head of thedepartment of Political Science. Mr. Mallikarjuna from Academy of Gandhianstudies gave a brief insight into the programme schedule and the purpose of theworkshop to the students. The principal of GFGC, Dr, Ramana, in his openingremark appreciated the initiative of the SHRC and appealed the students to makethe best use of the knowledge and information imparted by the experts. 

The firstsession was addressed by Mr. Manohar Ranganathan, from the organization CARE.He spoke at length on the topic “understanding UNC human rights with specialreference to CEDAW, CRC and Allied legislation in India. He was very jovial andunderstood the pulse of the students and spoke to them with lots of practicalexamples and instances that occurs around them in order to not only get their attentionbut bring home the points he was addressing. the second session began after atea break of ten minutes and it was addressed by Ms. Brinda Adige, GlobalConcers India. She spoke on the issue of Understanding Gender Discriminationand working towards gender equality, and legislation. IPC 370 etc. she kept thestudents rapt in silence and awe, as she spoke with full authority andexperience. She gave many examples that really can affect student’s life andalso those that students must be aware. It was indeed and eye opener to many ofthe students on these issues.

Mallikarjun,academy of Gandhian studies, dealt on the issues of human trafficking for thepurpose of child labour, CRC, child rights and salient features of juvenilejustice Act ( JJA POCSO). Environmental rights and human rights was handled byMr. Suresh Kumar form Vanamitra. The entire program was a huge success from thepoint of educational awareness and practical insights into the variousdimensions of human rights education. Dr.somyasharma presented the summary andbrief report of the day’s activity after which feedback from students werecollected by Salma, Maria and Shaun for the purpose of improvisation andadaptation. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Narayana coordinator of Redcross youth wing, GFGC. The entire guest and the speakers of the daydistributed the certificates to all the participants before concluding theentire days programme with the lunch organized within the campus for all theparticipants.

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