Embassy Services supports energy needs for 162 Indian villages

Mumbai, October 2019,Today, Embassy Services Private Limited (ESPL), is a multi-faceted company delivering end to end, Integrated Facility Management services to over 150 clients, covering 60+ million sq. ft. of space, across 12 states of India. Their pan-India presence encompassing a real estate portfolio of commercial, residential, industrial, co-working, retail and hospitality gives them an edge of having thorough expertise to cater to diverse requirements. Corporate sustainability is becoming fundamentally important for all businesses, across all industries. It is a business approach to creating long-term value by simply achieving the understanding that an organization must operate to safeguard ecological, social and economic interest of its internal and external environment. India is progressing aggressively and creating its own space in adopting a sustainable approach. There is constant development in the corporate culture as the employees practiceprogressive ideologies, believe in working and existing in a holistic environment and also protecting it. IFM leader, Embassy Services with its 25 year old heritage is pioneers in superior maintenance of infrastructure. They empower customers run faster and better by providing vibrant and green workspaces with a range of world class amenities including affluent landscapes, pedestrian paths, recreation areas, sports facilities, multi-level parking garages and dedicated food courts. ESPL manages the single largest award-winning business park spread across 110 acres anda host to top performing IT/ITES SEZs in the country.

Corporates collaborate with ESPL as they integrate processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.

In simpler terms, they are in charge of the day-to-day organisation and delivery of services on the behalf of the business. The aim of the position is to reduce the outgoing costs while ensuring that the clientsstill meets all of their objectives with a long term approach. This also encourages effective spending and most importantly safeguards environment. Embassy Services as a part of their green initiative focus on efforts like promoting green products, instigating environmental awareness programs, online diesel monitoring, paperless working, and encouraging park users to grow their own vegetables as a nutritious and recreational alternative. ESPL as a philosophy always believe ‘Safety is first’ and their leadership is committed in promoting a safety culture by providing resources and leading by example. ESPL through each property create an extraordinary experience with their relentless effort and at all times maintains extraordinary value in quality management. 

In their pledge to help the environment, Embassy Services produced green energy of up to 155.435 million KWH in FY 19-20, 41% of their total consumption.  Higher concentrations of CO2 is likely to have an effect on global climate; rising CO2 concentrations are also likely to have profound direct effects on the growth, physiology, and chemistry of plants, independent of any effects on climate. Hence it is critical to cut down carbon emission as much as possible. Embassy Services produced green energy equal to removing 1,28,078 tons of CO2, which is at par with taking 27,193 cars off road for a year and the burning of 47,626 kl diesel. The carbon that has been seized in this process is equal to planting of 21,17,797 tree seedlings for 10 years. ESPL also recycles 1,541,940 KL water per year. By recycling and effectively using 1,541,940 KL water the motive is to avoid pumping out stress water from ground. The water that is recycled by Embassy Services as their effective water management initiative could supplement 321 villages’ water need for a period of one year. Embassy parks also produce 198 ton of manure out of OWC & vermicomposting which can support 50 acres of farming land & produce 350 tons of paddy. The company clearly strongly works towards formulating programs that are aligned to provide sustainable services. ESPL invests in the right talent who are competent and highly motivated in bringing the desired results.

 ESPL is on a mission to build transformative tech-driven tools to address the current and future challenges in FM industry efficiently. Their strong leadership principles are based on technology, transparency and trust. ESPL’s operations are certified for international frameworks like ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 andall Parks managed by ESPL are 5 Star certified from British Safety Council and CII. Embassy Services has received prestigious awards for best safety culture and have also been awarded the Sword of Honour from British Safety Council.

Embassy Services Pvt Ltd, CEO Mr.PradeepLalashares, “We at Embassy Services are passionate about delivering integrated facilities management (IFM) the way it has never been done before. We believe that better, greener, and smarter facilities management is long overdue. This is the change that the USD 100 billion facilities management opportunity is seeking. And, this is the transformation we’re enabling with technology, transparency and trust. We are a company who are strongly instrumental to make an overall effort towards a greener and more sustainable environment to contribute to the larger goal of fighting climate change. We are organizing environmental awareness program to educate people and practicing everything in our control to ensure people are taking action and doing their bit too. We want to build a greener and safer environment to protect mother earth from the ill effects and protect its sanctity.”

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