Employees of UL fix potholes in Whitefield with help of 'Pothole Raja'

Bangalore, September 19, 2017: As a mission driven company, UL strives to create safe environments for all, in both its business and not-for-profit undertakings. Considering that road safety is a priority are for UL in its not-for-profit mission, UL employees worked with the famous Pothole Raja team to fill potholes in the road leading up to their office in Whitefield. Please find attached some pictures of the initiative and a deep caption summarizing the event.

DEEPCAPTION: In a community initiative to fix road safety problems of Bengaluru ,employees of UL India, a Whitefield based global safety science company rolledup their sleeves early morning today to fill potholes in the bustling stretchfrom Kundanhalli Gate to Marathahalli Main Road, a route most employees takeevery day to commute for work. The UL contingent, including the South Asialeadership team, children and family members of over a dozen staff members werementored by Prathaap B Rao of Ground Reality, a social enterprise that runs Bengaluru’sfamous ‘Pothole Raja’ initiative. A total of 8 gaping holes, amounting to 27square feet of the arterial road were fixed by the UL team, which plans tocontinue the employee-led pothole fixing drive over the next weekend.

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