Energy Sistem, a Global Leader in Personal and Home Audio Launches in the Indian Market

New Delhi, 22nd March, 2018- Energy Sistem, a Spanish technology giant with over two decades of experience in creating personal audio devices, launches in India. The Company is based in the heart of the Mediterranean with the aspirations of capturing the mindsets of Indian consumers. The company is present in over 40 countries globally and is a market leader in Music Tower Systems, Music Boxes and Headphone category, Speakers, Home theaters, Portable Audio Devices among other categories.

EnergySistem is elated to announce today its entry in Indian market with AlchemieCommerce Private Limited as partners with comprehensive product portfolio to beavailable in market 20th March onwards to suit the needs ofmusic lovers in India. The company will launch its operations with over 46products, Music Tower Systems, Music Boxes (Bluetooth), Wired and BluetoothHeadphones. 

Speakingat the launch, Ms Natalia Ovsyannikova, Country Manager, EnergySistem commented, “It gives me great pleasure to announce the launchof Energy Sistem in India.At Energy Sistem, we aim to create quality productsto make our users' daily lives easier and allow them to enjoy their musicwhenever and wherever they like. Our products are aimed at customers who liveevery moment to the fullest. Behind the brand, there is a multicultural team of150 people of 16 different nationalities who are able to make difficult thingshappen in a simple way. We are confident that Energy Sistem will create a longlasting relationship with its customers in India. While the industry isestimated to be at INR3000 Crores, we expect to reach revenue of INR 250 Croresby 2020”

EnergySistem today is present in Europe, North Africa and Latin America, with anactive presence in more than 40 countries. Behind the brand, there is a multiculturalteam of 150 people of 16 different nationalities who are able to make difficultthings happen in a simple way.

At the coreof the company’s product development philosophy are four corner stones todevelop innovative products – what is called the TDPE framework, which standsfor Technology, Design, People and Emotion. 

EnergySistem has partnered with Alchemie Commerce Private Limited, a fast growingIndian start-up in the consumer electronic licensing and distribution space.The product range will be available across all the major retail outlets, inIndia across20cities along with other E-Commerce platforms from March2018onwards. In the next phase, the company plans venture in the next 50 townsacross the country & finally reaching to a total of 100 cities by end ofthe year.

Mr KSunil, Managing Director, Alchemie Commerce commented “We are excited topartner with Energy Sistem, a seasoned brand and a specialist in personal audioproducts in over 40 countries around the world.Globally, Energy Sistemcontinues to fulfil its role as a brand which provides quality products withsuperior design and technology by redefining portable audio solutions. Now isthe perfect time to provide the same superlative experience to theIndiancustomers. We are confident that Energy Sistem’s powerful products will changethe dynamics of the Indian market.” 

EnergySistem has top quality products with a competitive price with otherinternational brands. This range of products is priced between Rs.1499 and Rs24999/- respectively.  The brand provides 12 months of replacementwarranty.

The companywill launch multiple products in the following categories:

•        Headphones  (Bluetoothand Wired)

•        MusicBox

•        PartyTower System

•        TowerSystem

With itslaunch, the company plans to target the new age Indian consumers who aremusicenthusiasts, technology savvy, who want to enjoy their music whenever andwherever they desire.

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