Environment Ministry urges to institutions come together on Indoor Environment Quality

New Delhi, 25th September 2017: Air-O-Thon, the 2nd Series of an International Summit to address the issue of Air Pollution was organized by Prospurs Pte. Ltd. and Indian Pollution Control Association at Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi in last week. Society for Indoor Environment, which is the outcome of 1st Air-O-Thon was launched by Shri Ritesh Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India. The Society for Indoor Environment is formed by the experts from all the esteemed organizations in India, including IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras, CSIR NEERI, Environment Management Centre, Mumbai, Indian Pollution Control Association, Delhi University, PGI Chandigarh to remain foremost source of technical knowledge on Indoor Environment Quality, main stream IEQ in education, influence national policies, regulations and standards on IEQ and bring diverse stakeholders together on the common platform and develop collectively holistic solutions.

Speakingduring the seminar Shri Ritesh Singh, said, the Ministry will launch programsoon which will double the Monitoring Station by the next year to improve theAir Quality measuring Standard. Ministry identified 100 Cities to benchmark theAir Quality Standard and committed for best action plan. Shri  Singh alsoinformed about the Ministry’s initiative “Harit Diwali Swach Diwali” under thisinitiative every day 200 Kids are taking participation in their office complexPrayavaran Bhawan. 

Ministry isvery very much serious about the awareness for Air Quality specially duringDiwali Festival and will take proper coordination with district leveladministration to minimize the Crackers burning, he said during thesummit.    

Dr. PrasadModak President EMC & SIE said “Today both outdoor and Indoor Air qualityare area of great concern. In India Indoor air quality is not monitored norregulated, to tackle this problem however we need a stakeholder driven approachthat requires a consultation and participating approach. Events LikesAir-O-Thon provides very good industry engaging platform and institution likeSIE, help in establishing knowledge network that help in formulating policiesand action plans.” 

The Societyof Indoor Environment (SIE) is a fantastic beginning which is going to providea national level platform where industry key stake holders can work togethertowards the improvement of indoor Air quality in India, Dr. Mukesh Khare,Professor IIT Delhi Said.

Air pollutionis one of the serious threats to the population residing in cities across theworld. Metros in India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are choked today withair pollutants, especially the particulate matter. The solution to the problemof urban air pollution is not easy and needs to be tackled by involving all thekey stakeholders apart from the local government. Policies backed with emissionregulations, planning measures and strict enforcement play important role. 

Mr. VishalJain, CEO, Aerate Healthcare Solution Said “We believe that healthy air shouldbe available to everyone. Big Cities are choking and have become hazardous tobreathe. We want to restore the balance between us and nature. We do this bycreating products that mimic nature and by providing solutions that add valueto “Society and People” improving their health, livelihood and create betterfuture for our generations” 

IndustryExperts & Speakers discussed strategic matter such as design anddevelopment of air pollution control systems, air quality monitoring and itsmanagement, effects of air pollutants on health problems related to vehicularpollution, role and significance of continuous emission monitoring system(CEMS) in industrial and other sectors, in addition to other problems arisingout of air pollution. 

There wereexperts from CPCB, IIT Delhi, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,CSIR-NEERI, IIT Madras, MNIT Jaipur, University College of Medical Science,Delhi University, EMC Mumbai, IAQA India Chapter, TERI, IPCA, CitizenEnvironment Improvement Society, Industries including Quality Needles, Humidin,Aerate Health Care Solution, Chakra Innovation, who have shared theirknowledge, experience, concerns, technologies and solutions and set up amomentum to fight with the issue of air pollutions. 

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