Epaathsala launches its unique technology backed services for higher education institutions

Bengaluru, 30 January, 2017: epaathsala, a Bangalore based startup, launches its first-of-its-kind, end to end integrated accreditation and ERP technology solution for managing colleges and universities with multiple accreditations for standards such as NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) and NBA (National Board of Accreditation) etc. The accreditation assists institutions to get access to more funding, improve the quality of education and get higher student enrolment ratio.

Once an educational institution uses the ERP solution, they automatically get an accreditation report with gaps and recommendations on how to improve and get better grades for the accreditations. epaathsala provides software and consultancy solutions to the institutions to help them improve their college management with an emphasis on how to improve their compliance with the accreditation standards. In addition, epaathsala also provides a full-fledged ERP solution to align the institution processes as per benchmark standards and improve efficiency of operation. The solution provider’s key modules include Accreditation Management, IQAC work flow, PO-CO attainment for students, SWOT analysis, Admission Management, Accounting and Fees Management, Student Management, Learning Management System, Library Management, Hostel and Class Management, Transport Management, Placement Management and Alumina Management. The company’s vision and mission is to improve the quality, delivery and management of education via end to end solutions; so that customers can save their time and effort in management and compliance and invest their time in providing better education to students. Since epaathsala caters to multiple accreditations, an institution can simultaneously prepare for multiple accreditations. The company also provides External Quality Assurance service through its panel of experts by providing Academic Audit, Administrative Audit, Green audit, Gender audit and academic roadmap with prospective plan. epaathsala provides a global advisory for higher education transformation in collaboration with global education community and provide strategic guidance to help education institutions of all kinds navigate change, achieve greater transparency and drive efficiencies. Commenting on the launch, Suman Nandy, Founder and Director of epaathsala, said, “Management and accreditation compliance are the two most expensive propositions for institutions and therefore, we believe that ERP integrated with accreditation is the differentiator in the market place. With so many colleges in the country, there are no organised and time-effective method of completing the processes for accreditation, which are crucial to both the college and its students. Previously the system was manual and time consuming. We are helping education institutions to receive accreditation in an easy, efficient and fast manner, supported by best-of-breed technology software. We are providing both the software as well as consultancy services in order to bridge the gap identified for specific accreditations.”

“Our product will help colleges and institutions tocreate evaluation reports in days as opposed to months, if done manually”, headded.Initially providing accreditations, epaathsala evolved into providing fullscale ERP with in-built accreditation management for multiple accreditations.The company is also launching virtual IQAC assistant to help institutionsautomate the IQAC workflow and document verification service for accreditation,docassist so as to manage documentation for every department and office etc.These steps will assist institutions to implement quality processes as it isrequired for multiple accreditations.Suman said, “Every institution has its unique set of processes. However,it is important to align the processes as per the global benchmark andaccreditation standards to improve efficiently and provide a better qualityeducation. While epaathsala offers customisation options, at the same time, ithelps you to create academic roadmap and align business processes of theinstitutions as per the academic road-map in a cost efficient manner.”The company currently has 400+ customers with a target to rope in 10,000customers over the next three years. It has aggressively upped its investmentson infrastructure, people, and processes in order to reach out to potentialcustomers in USA, Australia, Europe, and Malaysia and home country- India.epaathsala is looking to convert 90% of the institutions as their customers.

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