EPayLater and Goodbox partners to offer 'Buy now Pay later' experience to customers

Bangalore, 22nd August, 2017: With an aim to make grocery purchases more accessible from your nearest friendly store or other local businesses, ePayLater and Goodbox have joined hands to offer “Buy now Pay Later” service to customers.

With this service, customers can enjoy the classic and convenientexperience of making purchases from their favorite stores and settling bills ata later date. Eligible customers get an option to snooze payment with justclick of a button and thereby save time waiting in payment queue or goingthrough hassles of traditional payment methods like credit cards. 

Commenting on this development, Atishay Kumar, ProductHead and CTO of ePayLater said, “ePayLater does away with thehassles of traditional payment channels which involve punching in lengthy carddetails, multiple page redirects and authentications and offers a completelyfrictionless checkout experience. Customers will have 14 days from the date ofpurchase and can pay anytime during the period, instead of having to pay at thetime of making purchase. Even better, they can club multiple purchases in asingle aggregated payment. At the moment, this service covers grocery and foodordering, but will soon be extended to Bill payments as well”. 

Abey Zachariah, CEO of Goodbox resonated, “This istransformational in many ways. Goodbox has already created a hyper-localplatform that has helped thousands of small merchants sell to customers in theirvicinity through digital channels. ePayLater on Goodbox enables customers topurchase multiple times from local businesses within a certain limit andpay within 14 day of purchase date. The one click payment approval isby far the smoothest on our platform and unlike wallets, one doesn’t need toload it upfront. The local merchant doesn’t need to worry about the financialrisk in extending credit to customers now on as he is assured of payments onpurchases”

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