EuroSchool goes online to ease admission process during COVID-19

India, 20th October 2020: EuroSchool, India’s leading safe school network with 11 schools in 6 cities across the country has started accepting online application form the 2021-2022 academic sessions.

EuroSchool has decided to implement the comprehensive online model in the wake of pandemic which includes, the virtualization of their admission, administration and education functions. The school has been at the forefront of adapting new technologies and new ways of teaching & learning.  

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has drastically affected the normal routine of people across the globe and forced students to confine themselves to the safety of their homes, EuroSchool decided to migrate their learning & curriculum delivery to the virtual mode as an effective alternative mode of conducting classes. Apart from this, the admission process which includes enquiries, appointments, counselling, meeting with the school management and admission application at EuroSchool has gone ‘digital’.

The school will continue to operate in absolute virtual mode and will wait for directives from the government with regard to resumption etc. The school has set up its own ‘School Resumption Taskforce’ whose responsibility is to prepare detailed processes & policies pertaining to Safe School Resumption and to ensure adherence to global best practices with regard to safety & security procedures and also routine health checks for the wellbeing of students and staff upon resumption. The school will adhere to all the MHA & state government guidelines that may be issued, prior to school opening.

Mr Rahul Deshpande, CEO, EuroSchools said "Initially, moving from physical to online classes were strategic response to the lockdown. Over time, it became imperative for us to not just ensure ‘curriculum delivery’ but to leverage sophisticated technologies & platforms to deliver seamless learning, student and parent support and to ensure smooth & secure functioning of all processes related to the school administration. The provision of online admissions will not just strengthen the current admission process but make it convenient & transparent for all enquiring parents.”

“EuroSchool believes comprehensive learning and our curriculum is oriented towards creating competent global citizens. We ensure Balanced Schooling which gives equal importance to academic and non-academic curriculum thereby providing holistic development of the child in a safe & engaging learning environment." He added.

The Academic module for EuroSchool puts focus on using technology as a key enabler for learning. Their classroom teaching is augmented with Computer labs, science labs and the Smart Class system that uses 3D animation and multimedia to augment teaching outcomes. At EuroSchool, LRPA forms the crux of the pedagogy; where students Learn - Reinforce - Practice - Apply knowledge, concepts and skills. This model enables the student to become independent learners, aided by technology and facilitated by the teacher. The academic & extra-curricular initiatives for every student are tracked, monitored & emphasized on, in a bid to improve learning.

The school has put forth all the necessary steps to ensure quality education remains unaffected due to the ongoing pandemic and classes run smoothly and school sets an examples on behalf of its students by continue to upskilling them through flawless delivery of the curriculum.

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