EuroSchool unveils new Brand Philosophy

Mumbai, 30th May 2018: As EuroSchool gears up to reinforce its commitment towards ensuring a promising tomorrow for the students, it unveiled a new brand philosophy and logo. The new philosophy ‘Discover Yourself’ is aimed at enabling the child to discover their interests and inclinations, nurturing and transforming them for all-round development

Founded in2009, EuroSchool is a part of EuroKids International, India’s leading preschoolnetwork.  EuroSchool is a network of 10schools in six cities in India, namely Mumbai,ES School poster 03 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Surat.

EuroKidsInternational Co-founder and Group CEO Prajodh Rajan said, “At EuroSchool, weendeavour to encourage children to recognize their latent talent, ascertainareas of interest, hone individual skills, thereby discovering varied facets oftheir personality. We create multiple platforms for every child to engage andexperiment. Through this journey of self-discovery, they are provided with theexpert guidance by our educators to transform them into responsible citizens oftomorrow. The release of the new visual identity marks a significant milestoneand illustrates our purpose and vision for the future.”

EuroSchoolbelieves that each child is unique possessing a gamut of undiscovered talentswhich the School helps them realise and enable them to attain their truepotential. The new logo is an endorsement of the schools' values of BalancedSchooling, thus making a difference in the lives of young children by shapingtheir early years. The new logo also signifies a more contemporary entity thatembodies inclusiveness and progressiveness.

EuroSchoolnurtures its students in this journey of ‘Self Discovery’ by providing an equalexposure to both academic and co-curricular development. At EuroSchool balancedschooling is ensured through best in class infrastructure & technologicalfacilities. The schools are equipped with specialized laboratories, libraries,digital classrooms, dedicated activity room, sports coaching facilities and anenvironment that focuses on creating safe and secured learning environment forthe students.

The schoolbelieves that it’s critical to have the support of the parents, who are an importantpart in a student’s journey. The school encourages active parent involvementand believe in developing a strong association for the betterment of thechild’s future.

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