Everest Group Names Genpact a Leader and Star Performer in Supply Chain Management

NEW YORK, May 16, 2018 – Everest Group, a leading consulting and research firm, has named Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, as a leader and star performer in supply chain management.

EverestGroup’s 2018 Supply Chain Management Service Provider Landscape withPEAK Matrix™ Assessment evaluates 11 service providers, and ranksGenpact as one of only two leaders and star performers. The report highlightsGenpact’s strong domain expertise, focus on innovation, and advanced technologyofferings as key strengths. Everest Group cites Genpact’s investments inbuilding next-generation solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), machinelearning, cognitive computing, cloud, and analytics, both via enhancements toits AI-based Genpact Cora platform, and through acquisitions and strategicpartnerships. 

“Genpacthelps its clients achieve significant transformative results from their supplychain management operations to enable growth,” said KatrinaMenzigian, vice president, Everest Group. “We see Genpact as havingkey strengths in domain expertise and innovation. Further, Genpact’s clientsfeel they benefit from a portfolio of strong technology offerings and aproactive client engagement model.”

Transformationfor enterprise-wide impact

Supply chaintransformation is a key enterprise initiative for growth, and companies needoperations that drive speed and flexibly to respond to fluctuating demandlevels and market changes. Companies are shifting from tactical, activity-basedre-engineering to more strategic, end-to-end transformation, including developingcenters of excellence for activities like supply, demand, and sales andoperations planning.  

For example,Genpact helped a consumer packaged goods (CPG) market leader transform itssupply chain operations to respond to customers faster, free up working capitalby 12 percent to reinvest in growth, and increase planning productivity by 65percent. With Intelligent Supply Chain Automation Index, powered by GenpactCora, the CPG company made decisions faster, and completed planning cycles inless than an hour compared to previously taking more than a week. Genpact alsohelped automate and integrate multiple planning roles (such as demand, supply,production, material, etc.) into single enterprise-wide functions. 

In addition,a leading foods manufacturer identified more than $150 million to invest inmarketing and growth, after initially struggling with integrating operationsfrom a large merger. Genpact helped the company reimagine its entire globalsupply chain operations, consolidating distributed and fractional roles atnumerous business entities around the world into more productive, streamlinedoperational hubs. New standardized processes also eliminated redundant andduplicate activities, with automation through digital technologies and advancedanalytics driving greater efficiencies. 

“Withincreasingly more complex supply chains, visibility, agility, andresponsiveness are critical for companies to compete,” said ShantanuGhosh, business leader, CFO and Transformation Services, Genpact. “EverestGroup’s ranking underscores our co-innovation with clients to transform theiroperations and enable growth. Our investments in domain, advancedanalytics, digital technology, and design thinking – as well as our globalcenters of excellence in planning, order management, master data management,and other areas – have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of businessimpact.” 

For moreinformation, see these links for more details about Genpact’s supply chain management capabilitiesGenpact Cora, and Everest Group’s report.

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