Exotel enables stock brokers become SEBI compliant

Bangalore, 6 November, 2017: Exotel, one of Southeast Asia's largest cloud telephony platforms today announced capabilities that can help stock brokers record calls and be compliant in a matter of minutes without any IT help or hardware infrastructure.

To prevent unauthorised trading activities, marketregulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) hasdirected stock brokers to compulsorily keep a call record of all orders placedby clients from 1 January 2018. This is to ensure that there is a definiteproof of customer orders that can be accessed in case of a dispute whichis  a result of complaints about unauthorised trades from customers.

Speaking on Exotel’s initiative, ShivakumarGanesan, CEO & Founder, Exotel said, “There is a limited time frame forstockbrokers to become SEBI compliant. Given this scenario, Cloud Telephony isthe best way to record calls in a safe, secure and easy to use manner.”

Exotel helps businesses manage their business phonesystem via a virtual phone system.

Exotel’s cloud telephony platform:

·Records every single conversation- Callsrouted via Exotel are recorded and available for access via a simple to usedashboard. The calls are stored on the cloud. The storage is safe, secure andeasy to use.

· Is cost effective- Pay as you go.No maintenance cost. Get started with a simple mobile phone. The system scalesand upgrades as per your needs.

· Allows work On the Go- Don’t bechained to a desk. Take customer calls from anywhere without compromising oncompliance

·Enables speedy setup- Calls need to berecorded starting Jan 1st, 2018. Very little time to set up a robustsystem. Exotel does this with ease.

· Allows easy retrieval- Calls arestored in a safe and secure way on the cloud. These recordings can be retrievedfrom our dashboard, downloaded and shared as per your convenience.

·Is feature rich- Exotel offers a lot morethan a simple call recording. Set up IVR systems, add agents as you grow, keeptrack of your daily conversations, etc. You can build complex call flows with asimple drag and drop interface.

To help stockbrokers better understand the offerings,Exotel has set up a microsite to provide information. Please log in to https://exotel.com/sebi-compliance-call-recording-exotel/  pageto learn more about this.

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