Experts come on one stage to discuss Air Pollution Issues, Challenges and Current Scenario in B

Bangalore, 1st September, 2018:- Air-O-Thon 2018, the Bangalore Chapter of the leading conference on Air Quality "Air-O-Thon" was organized by Prospur Events & Promotions Pvt. Ltd, Asian Paints and Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) at The Capitol Hotel, Raj Bawan, Bangalore. The conference focused on the issues of rising Air Pollution including indoor air in various part of Southern India cities specially in Bangalore. The one day event was themed as “Bengaluru’s Toxic Air” was focused on the alarming rise in air pollutants in Bengaluru’s air. The conference will continue to be the leading national knowledge sharing hub for finding solutions to the air quality related issues . Over the past two years, the awareness and importance of indoor air quality had increased and it becomes necessary for achieving the goal of Clean and Healthy air to reduce the health impacts due to polluted air in all regions of India. Apart from Metros, other smaller cities in India are also choked today with high levels of air pollutants, especially the particulate matter. The solution to the problem of urban air pollution is not easy and needs to be tackled by involving all the key stakeholders apart from the local government. Policies backed with regulations, planning measures and strict enforcement play important role. Further, the Indoor air quality need to be monitored and regulated to tackle this problem. We need a stakeholder driven policy with the active participation of Industries to make the air breathable. Society for Indoor Environment (SIE), who is the foremost source of technical knowledge on Indoor air quality, main stream IEQ in education, influence on national policies, regulations and standards on IEQ has joined hands as “Knowledge Partner” in the conference and helping the diverse stakeholders to work towards holistic solutions in combating air pollution through this common platform. Commenting on the participation, Dr. Raja Krishnamurthy, Vice President – Research & Technology, Asian Paints, said “It was great to be a part of a collective platform that addressed the importance of tackling indoor air pollution and its rise in Bangalore. At Asian Paints, we acknowledge the need to create better living environments with innovation at the heart of our offerings. Indoor air pollution is a health hazard that very few people talk about, believing that pollution is restricted to the outdoors. However, with Royale Atmos, we intend to build awareness about the paint as a solution to combat a key indoor air pollutant - Formaldehyde and its unsafe effects on our health.” Mr. Pradeep Maithani,Chairman & MD, Vprospurs Pte. Ltd. about this step saying -" Vprospurs is always concerned for the environment, Since healthy air keeps people, family and therefore a healthy nation. Our country is full of youth as 65% population falls below 35 years of age and health is critical for the youth and the nation. Therefore the healthy youth is also critical to India's growing economy and today the poor air of our cities are prone of the major challenge for the economy of our country. Dr. Radha Goyal, Deputy Director, (IPCA) Indian Pollution Control Association commented, “The Bengaluru edition of Air-O-thon continues to be a national sharing hub to address the issues, challenges and find the solutions to tackle air pollution with special emphasis on indoor air pollution. The issue of indoor air pollution has witnessed a rise in the recent years and it is considered to be worse than outdoor pollution. Asian paints is keen to help consumers by taking innovative steps to clean indoor air - Royale Atmos is one such innovation, which is not only a cleaner paint in terms of emitting the pollutants away but also treating the air indoors for better living environment. We are happy to welcome Asian Paints as our clean air partner for Air-O-thon and hope that they will get plenty of good ideas for R&D from the experts and will come up with more innovation in the near future.” The organizers of Air-O-Thon will prepare a recommendation document as the outcome of the 3rd series of conference completed after Mumbai Edition and will present it to concern Ministries and Departments.

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