Extending the walk towards a healthy future, Just Organik participates in Biofach India, 2017

New Delhi, 6th November 2017: In an effort to create a healthy future, Just Organik, India’s leading provider of organic products, joins in as a prominent exhibitor of Biofach India 2017,World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. This will be held from 9th to 11th November at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, along with Organic World Congress (OWC), the largest organic show on the planet. This is a premium space for networking amongst the organic community.

Coming from an international exposure towards prolifichealthiness, the 7th edition of the fair is set to witness apowerful discourse amongst leading players in the Indian organic industry, ofwhich Just Organik forms an important member. This fair is being empowered withthe profound alliance of India Organic, a firm movement towards a naturallysustainable India that takes across in every 3 years, to make it a success ofwellness and prosperity. This fair is primed to be a three- day extravaganzafilled with workshops, product demonstration and networking, instilling thecause of a healthier living to safeguard the future.

On the announcement, Pankaj Agarwal, ManagingDirector, Treta Agro (owning the brand Just Organik), said.”JustOrganik under the umbrella of Treta Agro, has created a niche for itself withquality organic products aimed to be harvested on “a land that was neverpolluted”. Direct customer reach with innovative business models has created alarge loyal consumer base, with the product offering that covers the completekitchen basket, from pulses and millets to flours to oils to spices andsweeteners. Treta Agro is also helping many other brands to access the genuineorganic products from these farms. Four years of association with BIOFACH hasequipped us with international outlook and visibility to spread in the Europeanand North American region”

He further added “The world has been witnessing arevolution of sorts, in terms of consumption of lifestyle. Health and nutritionhas come to the forefront of the lifestyle and food. With abundance of naturalproducts and traditional knowledge, we are gearing up to foster a dynamic yetsustainable economy catering to a global market. This event is a good platformto fill the gap between the market and the source.

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