Fake news warrior, Ashwin Palaparthi

Hyderabad, November 08, 2017…..NDLRI.COM is a Fake Website offering Govt jobs, says Ashwin Palaparthi, Founder of fakopedia.com, a digital news channel which has been fighting fake news for the past one and half year. The fake news exposer, the 37 years old Ashwin Palaparthi who was in software testing industry before getting full time into music composition. He built and sold his company Value Minds to AppLabs (AppLabs is sold to CSC). He is passionate to become a music director. Ashwin began his life as a DTDC Courier Franchisee. He later fell in love with computers and is a self-taught IT Professional, likewise a self-grown Musician. Now besides pursuing his music career, Ashwin Palaparthi is running Fakopedia.com, which gets 5000 unique visitors every day. Ashwin is on a mission to create awareness and educate people about fake news through fakopedia.com. He is a Telugu man, living in Mumbai pursuing his music career. He is on a mission to create awareness and alert people what is Fake and what is Truth. It is not a business venture for him. He is doing this as responsible citizen, it is not a commercial venture. He is investing his personal amount, hired a team on this crusade. He wants more people to join him or in the crusade to educate masses for a fake news free India.

Anti-china messagesbeing spread to Indian consumers as if they were from PM Modi…The news ofCyclone Phyan to hit Mumbai spread like a wildfire this year. Many got panickedand rushed homes. But the Cyclone Phyan never came to Mumbai that evening.Subsequently, it found to be a rumour. 

Earlier this year,mobs in the Jharkhand beat seven people to death which horrified the country.After the dust settled, it became clear that the victims had been mistaken forchild traffickers. The trigger was a WhatsApp message that had gone viral,urging people to be careful of strangers as they most likely belonged to a"child lifting gang."


A shocking videowhich rounds on social media showing a girl lying dead on the ground andanother jumping from a balcony and ending up dead next to her sister wasclaimed to be from India. But it was later found that the sisters were fromIndonesia and were suffering from depression after their mother's death.  Fakee-visa sites such as indianvisaonline.org doingrounds in recent times. These portals promise to offer e-visa in a short timefor a hefty charge and cheat foreign nationals visiting India. Surprisinglythere are many such websites that operate from different locations and looksimilar to the Government of India portal that issues E-Travel Visas. Many ofthese fake sites are still alive. Regardless of actions being taken, new fakee-visa portals are popping up on the web. A few recently active fake e-visasites are as follows: e-touristvisaindia.comindianvisaonline.org.ine-visaindia.comindiavisa.org.in informsAshwin Palaparthi, founder of Fakopedia.com, a digital news channel to fightfake news. Ashwin, an IT Professional turned


Much of India’sfalse news is spread through WhatsApp.  A Recent example of newly releasedRs 2000 note would contain GPS tracking nano-chip, which could locate banknotes hidden as far as hundreds of feet below the ground.  Salt shortagesnews that prompted a rush on salt in several states.    A rumorabout measles and rubella vaccine thwarted a government immunization driverecently. News like this and many are getting circulated very freely andfrequently.  Even the most educated, including the experts like mediapersonnel become victims to fake news.


Our Fakopedia teamnoticed a fake story circulating – 56 women died at Tata Hospital in Mumbaiafter using a single sanitary pad the whole day. Due to prolonged use(more than5 hours), the chemicals in the pad which turns liquid into gel made the bloodturn green and caused a fungal infection. This infection affects youruterus/body adversely and also causes uterine cancer.   This hoaxmessage has been making its rounds in e-mails, social networks, WhatsApp and isNOT true. There is no record or report to confirm the deaths of 56 women,caused by Sanitary napkins, at Tata Memorial Hospital (Or anywhere in India orthe rest of the world). Sanitary napkins/pads do contain chemicals in its absorbentmaterial; skin irritation and yeast growth have been reported due to prolongedusage. But uterine cancer or death due to these napkins has not be proven tilldate, Informed Ashwin.


Ashwin and team haveworked on well over few hundred fake news stories and revealed the truth. Theyalso have in some cases pinpointed possible culprits, which can be found byvisiting fakopedia.com.  We do not touch partisan/political fake news and our source is viral spread ofsocially damaging topics, he says. The practice of using social media platformslike Facebook and WhatsApp to disseminate false information is ushering in adangerous trend.  It is the technology which is spreading the fake news.We must use the same technology to fight fake news says AshwinPalaparthi. 


It requiresextensive online research and fact-checking to ensure that it is not fake news.Need to cross-check facts than rushing the news. We need to give a break to thebreaking news.  Flash, flash news has to be consumed slowly andslowly.  People need to exercise greater vigilance and monitoring. People must use their discretion before forwarding messages by mail or on WhatsApp,retweet, etc.  Reverse image search must be done to check if images havebeen morphed or manipulated.


Main stream mediamust have fake news breaks. The media must also carry advisories, advisingpeople not to circulate fake news. Govt must have a mechanism in place topunish the offenders who are spreading news with malafide intensions saysAshwin.  Because concocted, distorted news are some kind of weapons whichdevelop hatred among the people cause social unrest in the society, he says. Police, IT, Media, PR(Public Relations),  PIB(Press Information Bureau),DIPR(Directorate of Information and Public Relations) professionals must beformed as team to advise public what is fake and what is not. 


Our society iscontinually getting damaged by Fake News. Most of what we get to read areentirely fake in some cases or misleading/unsubstantiated/biased otherwise.Fake News Is a menace. It is a significant threat to society. The frequentCirculation of Fake News of all varieties is sometimes inciting violence amongcommunities, misleading people into profound misunderstanding. Forget ordinarypeople, even educated and media experts are misleading, he says.  Public,Government have to take serious measures to contain fake news. Please login www.fakopedia.com tofind out what is fake and what is truth.   You can also reportfakenews to Ashwin Palaparthi and team on whatspp number 09892050005 

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