Fashion social network Roposo is now a Harvard case study

New Delhi, July 25th 2017: Roposo, the country’s favourite fashion social network - that gives its users a chance to share their style stories via blogs, video links, and infographics to inspire and get inspired - is now a case study on the reputed Harvard Business Publishing platform. The study focuses on how the fashion social network has matured from being a discovery platform to an ultimate lifestyle social network for Indian consumers.

Chirantan Chatterjee, former faculty at IIM-B and facultymember at Indian School of Business, has co-authored the case study withReechal Vardhan, Product Manager at Roposo and IIM-B alumnus. In the synopsisof the study, titled ‘On innovation and entrepreneurship in growing Asiandigital markets’, the authors have stated that niche social networkingplatforms like Roposo bring social media and online shopping together byallowing its users to not only look at stories or videos posted by people butalso to buy similar looking clothes or accessories, as per their preference.

The case study also looks at how Roposo germinated from thefounding team's prior venture Giveter that provided the team unique insights onconsumer behaviour, product development, dynamic capabilities, and networkeconomies. This case study takes it forward to a point where in the last fewquarters, with social-selling as a paradigm being explored by the likes ofFacebook and WhatsApp, Roposo tries to reinvent itself - considering whether toenter the social selling space or to strategically focus on further deepeningits base on pure play social networking.

Speaking on it, Mayank Bhangadia, CEO and Co-founder at Roposo, said, “Being featured as a case study among the growing list of Harvard cases on modern Indian entrepreneurship and innovation is a proud moment for us. We are delighted that MBA students at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions will learn from our brand journey. This case study is ideal for MBA students around the world who are keen to understand digital innovation and entrepreneurship in growing Asian markets, as the study highlights the process of entrepreneurial pivoting, dynamic capabilities, strategic focus, and life-cycle management amidst industry evolution.” Adding to this, Reechal Vardhan, Product Manager at Roposo, said, "Roposo has had an incredible journey so far and I am extremely happy to share it's story with the world, along with Professor Chatterjee. Being an MBA myself, I can appreciate the value a case-study like this could add to classroom discussions - through which students will get an insight to innovation in the Indian start-up landscape and the strategic decisions that we have to take in our day-to-day operations."

According to Professor Chatterjee, Faculty Member at IndianSchool of Business, "Roposo proved to be an ideal case to examine thechallenges and opportunities for home-grown social platforms in entrepreneurialpivoting, building dynamic capabilities, and maintaining strategic focus whenthere is a US Facebook, a Chinese Weibo, or Japanese Mixi."

With a heavy focus on personalisation and tie-ups with over5,000 brands and10,000 SMBs, Roposo connects with users across India throughits constant innovations and other exciting activities. The average ticket sizeof Roposo has grown to INR 1,500, and the user base has grown to 3.5 million in2017 from 2 million in 2016. The fashion social network connects localboutiques and SMBs with users, further enhancing affinity and the propensity topurchase from the platform, and is well on its way to achieving profit in thecoming years. 

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