FIM Business School joins hands with University of London to launch Queen Mary Global MBA

Bengaluru, October 30th, 2017: Bangalore’s premier educational institution, IFIM Business School has become the candidate institution for University of London’s Global MBA program. The students graduating under the programme shall receive the degree by University of London. Professional accreditation from major bodies, including CMI and CIMA provide students a chance to gain the Chartered Manager status during the programme.

The Global MBA is an integrated program where theduration of the course will be one year. The core modules of the programinclude Accountancy and Finance, Economics and Marketing, OrganisationalBehaviour and Human Resource Management and Strategic Management. Students aregiven the opportunity to become specialists in Accountancy, Entrepreneurshipand Innovation, Finance, Law and Leadership. The course culminates with thesuccessful completion of a Strategic Project aimed at making them employmentready. 

Dr.Abhishek Nirjar, Director, IFIM Business School, statedthat there is a dire need for executives to re-skill and upskill themselves inthese dynamic times, “University of London’s Global MBA programme is anopportunity for executives to boost their careers with best in class managementeducation. The University is known for its well-designed curriculum andcontent. This, coupled with the faculty of IFIM Business School, will have amajor impact on transforming learners into global managers. We would like toencourage those aspiring to be global managers to enroll for this programme.” 

RebeccaTurner, Institutions Support and Development Manager, University of LondonInternational Programmes, who announced the program at IFIMBusiness School said, “Students pursuing the course, can be part of thewebinars, online forums, and gain access to our extensive library under thefacilities offered by the University of London. By being part of theInternational Programme, it will help students receive the same mentoring as astudent studying in the main campus. More importantly, they are connected tothe 1,00,000 strong alumni network of students from over 180 countries, whichhelps in building connections with the network from over the world” 

The eligibilitycriteria for this program is a minimum of 50% in the undergraduate degree andthree years of work experience. Students from India can enroll for the GlobalMBA program at IFIM Business School where the complete academic direction willbe from Queen Mary University of London. 

Dr. Nitin Balwani, Dean, Planning andDevelopment, IFIM Business School, highlighted the factors thatimpact the presence of international education in India, “The Global MBA courseis in line with the Bespoke program of IFIM Business School. This allowsflexibility for students to pick courses according to their interests. TheBespoke program gives students the freedom to mold their career as per theirneeds. The highlight of the course is a University of London degree coupledwith the relevant curriculum and academic delivery. It has been curated to meetthe needs of aspiring executives at an affordable price. In addition, globalexposure in higher education is accessible to students locally.” 

IFIM BusinessSchool has also tied up with reputed agencies and banks who would be willing toextend an educational loan to aspiring students. 

Currently, IFIM Business School is a candidate center. Ithas demonstrated a sustained commitment to developing excellence withinstudents through teaching. This is one of the factors required to qualify as anaffiliate center and IFIM is on the path toward it.

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