First Cardiac OPD in Bharatpur

New Delhi , on 26th Sep, 2018: With decades of excellence in the field of cardiac sciences, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has been serving many patients across Delhi-NCR and is now extending its services in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. With the launch of its Cardiac OPD services at Jindal Super Specialty Hospital, Bharatpur, local residents and people from nearby areas will be highly benefitted for any cardiac ailments.

The OPD will be operational from 26th September 2018 and will be held on every first and third Wednesday each month at Jindal Super Specialty Hospital, which will allow ease of access to patients in and around Bharatpur for expert Cardiac consultation. Being the first of its kind heart services in and around the areas of Bharatpur, people need not travel far for consultation purpose. This initiative taken by Fortis Escorts Heart Institute on the occasion of World Heart Day is highly appreciable. Apart from Bharatpur, the campaign has also been launched in many tier-2 and tier – 3 cities across India.

Dr Shailendra Bhadoriya, Senior Consultant, Cardiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi said: “Stats show that nearly every fourth person who dies in our country dies of heart and related diseases.

The most important contributing factor behind these diseases is our unhealthy life style, thanks mainly to poor dietary habits, sedentary life and excess of stress & workload in out day to day lives.

This is really sad that despite having advance  technology and competent hearth care system, we are still losing so many people owing to these controllable reasons. These become all the more important since its hitting our younger and younger generations who are in  productive age group..

However, the silver lining is the good news that majority of these things can be reversed if we plan our efforts properly under the guidance of competitive expertise and guidance, and adjust our lifestyle

Considering the current scenario, an excellent initiative taken by fortis escort heart institute, New Delhi, on this World Heart Day by organising health camps, awareness camps, and OPDs all across the country! This important step is to increase the awareness and therefore decrease the number of cardiac related mortalities and the disability from heart related disease in our country.”

Dr. Kousar Ali Shah, Zonal Director, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said: “By providing such services, we hope to spread awareness about the importance of early detection of heart problems, which are often neglected by youngsters until it causes distress. Cardiac ailments are on a rise and through this opportunity. We would like to sensitize the society to take necessary precautions to eliminate heart problems from becoming an epidemic. This has also enabled us to educate patients and their families regarding the prevention of heart diseases in younger generation. Heart attacks were once only associated with old age. Recently, more people in their 20s, 30s and 40s have been suffering from heart ailments. The increasing stress of modern life has exposed even younger people to the risk of heart diseases.

The main objective of setting up such OPD services in Bharatpur and other tier-2 &3 cities is to extend best of services to people who cannot afford to travel far for treatment. Highly experienced and well qualified doctors from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute have already created their own milestones in their respective fields and are now inclined towards serving the society for better health.”

Dr. Lokesh Jindal, MS, MCh (AIIMS), DNB, MNAMS, Jindal Super Speciality Hospital said: “This is a very good news for the people of Bharatpur that regular cardiology services will be available at our doorstep and people do not need to go to Jaipur, Delhi or Agra. Soon fully equipped cardiac unit for all types of emergency and routine heart ailments will be available in Bharatpur and this will go a long way in saving numerous lives.

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