Fortis Hospital CG Road organized ‘Walkathon’ to promote Organ Donation

Bangalore, October 14, 2017: Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road in partnership with Sophia High School, Palace Road organized a walkathon here today. More than 500 students participated in the walkathon with an aim to support the noble cause of organ donation. The walk was flagged off at 6:30 AM from Sofia School and the group returned to the starting point covering a distance of 3 Km. The students raised few slogans en route to create the awareness about organ donation

The Walkathon is a part of Fortis’ #MoretoGive campaign to encourage adialogue about the need for organ donation by taking it to the streets of thecity where the students show their support for the cause.

Speaking at the occasion, DrVishnuvardhan, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road said, “Organ donation is one of the most effectiveway to save and enrich lives of people waiting for an organ. It is only lack ofawareness that has proved to be an impediment for such a low organ donationrate in the country. Walkathon is an initiative to raise awareness among thepeople to feel the need of organ donation. With the enthusiastic support by thestudents to the cause, it will beneficial for us to deliver our message onorgan donation effectively. We have made a start but still have a long way togo.”

As per an independentresearch report, there is a poor Organ Donation Rate – 0.26 permillion in India. With a 1 per million-donation rate, India would have 1,100organ donors or 2,200 kidneys, 1,000 hearts, 1,100 Livers, 1,100 Pancreas and2,200 Eyes. This should take care of almost all current demands for organs.There is a need of roughly 200,000 kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers fortransplantation each year. There is a lack of awareness among people withregards to deceased organ donation, the concept of brain death and the processof organ transplantation.

A single donor can save eight lives by donating the heart, lungs, liver,kidneys, pancreas and small bowel. Also, by donating organs and tissues likeeyes, skin, bones etc., a single donor can touch several lives. Over the lastfive years, the organ donation rate in the country has increased ten-fold from0.05 to 0.5 per million and is likely to touch the 1 per million populationmark in 2016.  

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