Fortis Hospital Cunningham Road encouraged people to keep themselves hydrated

Bengaluru, March 15, 2019: On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Fortis Hospital Cunningham road along with Bisleri encouraged people to drink more water for keeping their kidney clean and healthy. As a part of the initiative, around 5000 bottles of water was distributed to the passerby near Cunningham road. The aim is to spread awareness on consuming more water as it allows kidney to remove the toxic substances from the body.

The two day awareness drive started on Thursday March 14th and ended on Friday March 15th. The activity was conducted in sports clubs, traffic signals, KSRTC bus depo, private corporate companies and some walker parks. Drinking enough water helps produce more urine, which helps to flush out toxic substances and  infection-causing bacteria from the body.

According to a Lancet report, “Chronic kidney disease is now recognised as a major medical problem worldwide, the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study ranked chronic kidney disease 17th among the causes of deaths globally. In many countries, chronic kidney disease is now among the top five causes of death. In India, GBD 2015 ranks chronic kidney disease as the eighth leading cause of death."

Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, Director- Urology, Uro oncology, Andrology, Transplant & Robotic surgery, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, said, “The best and easiest way to keep our kidney healthy is by consuming plenty of water. Majority of the youngsters tend to consume unhealthy food that puts them at risk for several lifestyle related diseases. In  a busy day, we often forget to keep a check on the amount of water we are consuming. By giving away water bottles, we wanted to remind and encourage people to consume adequate water in a day so that they are free from any kind of ailment.

Dr Priya Sreedharan, Facility Director, Cunningham road, said,” As a responsible healthcare provider, we want people to stay healthy. Through such initiative, we want to educate people to drink ample amount of water to keep kidney diseases at bay. We hope such initiative will encourage people to take care of their health.”

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