Fortis Hospital removes Muskmelon sized Tumour from the brain of a 28 year old Yemeni patient

Bangalore, 12th June, 2017: Doctors at Fortis Hospital, BG Road in Bangalore successfully removed a Muskmelon sized tumour from the brain of a 28 year old recently. The tumour has grown for more than four years and was sized about 7.8*8.1*8.1 cm along the midline occupied almost sixty percent of the brain. The team of doctors led by Dr D V Rajakumar, Director, Neurosurgery, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore conducted a navigation guided right Front Parietal Craniotomy and Tumour excision to remove this huge tumour.

MohammedAhmed was admitted to Fortis Hospital with complaint of severe headache he wassuffering for four years. The situation further deteriorated as he had episodesof nausea regularly. Further examination and diagnosis, it was deliberated andconcluded that conservative medication is not going to relieve him fromnauseating headache. A surgery was planned to remove the tumour to eliminatethe risk of severe brain damage and coma that the patient was prone to.  Explainingseverity of the case, Dr. D V Rajakumar said, “Allthese years, the patient has undergone excruciating headache. As the situationdeteriorated, he was running the risk of severe brain damage. We used 3Dmicroscope to ascertain the exact condition of the brain and the tumour. Wedeliberated and decided to operate as it was important to remove the humongoustumor to save his life.” 

The clinicalexcellence of the case lie in the complexity of the case. Speaking about thecomplexity, Dr Rajakumar added, “The brain surgery maybe particularly complicated if the boundaries of the tumour cannot easily beidentified at surgery, or if the tumour is invading critical structures such asblood vessels or cranial nerves. Once the tumour was removed, we had to ensurethat there is no significant bleeding and that the patient is stable.” Thesuccess of the procedure lies in making an incision in the scalp and removing awindow of bone from skull to remove the tumour. The bone is secured back inposition at the end of the operation. 

A visiblyrelieved Mohammed Ahmed said, “I was scared afterknowing about the huge tumour in my brain. The unbearable headache wasagonizingly painful and affected my quality of life. Many doctors that Ivisited said that my condition is critical with little chance of treatment.However, doctors at Fortis Hospital not only removed the tumour but also giftedme a much better quality of life. Today, I am happy that I no longer get thoselingering headaches. All my family and friends are elated that we chose to cometo India for treating my brain tumour. I remain indebted to the doctors andnurses for their excellent care and treatment.”

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