Fortis Hospitals extend their support to TCS World 10K

Bengaluru, May 17, 2017: With more than 23,000 runners ready to hit the streets of Bengaluru on 21st May 2017, Procam International in association with the Government Authorities today announced their preparedness to host the tenth edition of the TCS World 10K. Announcing the route, medical and logistical measures for the run were Race Director Hugh Jones, Medical Director Dr. Vivek Jawali, Representatives from the State Police Authorities along with Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International.

Fivedifferent race categories will be flagged off from Kanteerava Stadium on RaceDay with a revised early start of 5:30 AM, for the Open 10K, prior tosunrise at 5:53 AM and in minimum expected temperatures of 22Degree Celsius.

 Forthis year’s run, the medical partners Fortis Hospitals haveequipped a base camp with 35 beds at the finish and three medical stationsalong the route. At both the finish lines there will be medical personnelpresent equipped with stretchers and wheel chairs to attend to immediateemergency requirements in addition to eight Ambulances. Five Medics on Bikeswould also be moving along the race route to ensure help is made available atall times. Fortis has also made available 25 Doctors on Race Day spreadacross the Medical stations and base camps. There will be a total of 20spotters during the last 2 KMs of the race to make sure no crucial detail ismissed out on.  

Commentingon their seven-year partnership with the TCS World 10K Run, MedicalDirector Dr Vivek Jawali said, “While there will be a huge numberof people participating in the run, it is important for us to ensure that thereis availability of medical help if required. Fortis Hospitals along with thetraffic police has made arrangements for on ground medical assistance. From ourhospitals, 170 medical personnel will be present that includes 25 doctors --Chief Consultants, Anesthetists, Orthopedics, ICU care in charge, Cardiologists,General Physicians and Physiotherapist. As a helping hand to doctors, 75 nurseswho are well trained for basic and advanced cardiac life support will bepresent. We are also prepared to address any emergency situations and haveambulance staff and bio-medical engineers ready for the same at the venue. Weunderstand the need to have a comprehensive arrangement of all medicalfacilities at the venue, therefore, have tried to bring together thewell-trained staff for any help required. "He added, “Fortis Hospitals hasbeen taking the initiative to educate people on the importance of organdonation. Moreover, the hospital will be conducting CPR training sessionto Pacers and water station Volunteers on Saturday 20th May 2017.”

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