Fortis Hospitals initiated #LifeDAAN campaign to create awareness on stem cell donation

Bangalore, May 29, 2018: On the occasion of World Blood Cancer Day, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore has taken the initiative called #LifeDAAN to encourage stem cell donation and give hope to blood cancer patients in association with Stem Cell Registry India (SCRI), a project of BMST and DKMS.

#LifeDAAN  style="font-size:10.0pt;line-height:115%">is aimed at helping people understandthe need for stem cell donation and encourage them to pledge to become apotential stem cell donor. Fortis Hospitals along with SCRI will reach out topeople to register them as potential blood stem cell donors.

Accordingto SCRI, Indianeeds at least 1 million registered potential stem cell donors to significantlyimprove the chances of Indian patients to find an unrelated matching donor.Every 6 minutes someone in India is diagnosed with blood cancer (e.g. leukemia,lymphoma or myeloma), thalassemia or aplastic anaemia.

Dr SachinSuresh Jadhav, Consultant, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant at FortisHospitals, Bangalore Road, said, ‘’Bone Marrow Transplant isa non-surgical procedure in which damaged or diseased bone marrow isreplaced with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Anyone between the age of 18-50years can become a blood stem cell donor. Initiative like stem cell donationwill help blood cancer patients and give them hope for a second chance at life.Getting a perfect donor for transplantation is a complex process and very fewblood cancer patients manage to get matched donors within theirfamilies. In such a scenario, people coming forward to pledge for donation willhelp us in fighting against blood cancer”.

Dr ManishMattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, “Stem cell pledging is one ofthe most effective ways to save and enrich lives of people suffering from bloodcancer who are waiting for a matching stem cell donor. It is only lack ofawareness that has proved to be an impediment for such a low matching anddonation rate in the country. #LifeDAAN is an initiative to fight against bloodcancer and raise awareness among the people about the safety of stem celldonation. With the enthusiastic and expert support of SCRI, we are able to deliverour message on stem cell pledging effectively. We have made a start but still,have a long way to go.”

India hasthe 3rd highest number of blood cancer patients in the world, after US andChina. Every year, about 120,000 Indians are diagnosed with blood cancer andevery day, about 325 patients are diagnosed with blood-related disorders.

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