Fortis pedals for Healthy Heart among Bangaloreans on World Heart Day

Bangalore September 28, 2017: On the occasion of World Heart Day, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore has organized a two day event,‘Charge your heart’ at Cunningham road followed by Garuda Mall to spread awareness regarding being heart healthy. The event is to be held today and tomorrow respectively. The hospital has set up a huge LED heart connected to a cycle. Continuous pedaling keeps the light on in the mounted heart. The initiative is aimed at educating people on importance of keeping the heart healthy and various ways to do the same.

 WorldHeart Day is celebrated every year on 29th September with the intentof raising awareness about cardiovascular disease. The theme of this year’sWorld Heart Day is share the power which aims on how you poweryour heart and inspire millions of people around the world to be heart healthy. 

Followingthe theme, the event has been encouraging people to get involved in physicalactivities for keeping their heart healthy. Dr Vivek Jawali, Chairman,Department of Cardio Vascular Sciences, Chairman of the Medical AdvisoryCouncil, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore will be driving the initiative tobe able to share the knowledge on heart related ailments due to poor lifestyle. 

Speaking onoccasion, Dr Vivek Jawali said, “India is goingthrough an epidemiologic transition whereby the burden of communicable diseaseshave declined slowly, but that of non-communicable diseases (NCD) has risenrapidly, thus leading to a dual burden. People are becoming a victim ofheart disease due to a lot of factors which comprises of sedentary lifestyle tolack of awareness regarding keeping one’s heart healthy. Other factors includesmoking, history of hypertension or diabetes, waist/hip ratio, dietarypatterns, consumption of alcohol, blood apolipoproteins (Apo), andpsychosocial factors. Many of the heart patients these days arebetween 30-40 years of age. This is majorly because of lack ofphysical activities and unhealthy diet and overall unhealthy lifestyles. Simple4 point formula of not smoking, keeping physically active, eating right andreducing excess weight will cut the risk of heart attacks & stroke by alarge percentage. Moreover, the diagnosis and treatment procedures for heartdiseases need a continuous development. Innovative methods need to be developedto overcome these challenges. Some approaches that could potentially improvethe efficiency of care include incorporating information communicationtechnology tools, advanced techniques and improving the quality of care givento patients.” 

WHO statesthat approximately 4280 people in every one lakh die each year from suddencardiac arrests in India alone. According areport by NCBI, Cardiovascular diseases are on a rise among youngerpeople with over 50% of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) mortality occurring inindividuals aged less than 50 years. Population living in cities are threetimes more prone to heart attacks than people living in villages. Increasingrates of CAD in India in last three decades sends an alarm to look for thefactors responsible for its increasing prevalence.  

DrKeshava, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital, Cunninghamroad said,   “Cardiovascular diseases have been gaining importance in India recently becauseof increased incidence of the disease. It is the first among top 5 causes ofdeaths in Indian population. I come across patients who suffer from heartrelated disorders due to lack of physical activities, and poor eating habits.‘Charge your hearts’ is our initiative to include people and work towards ahealthy cause. More than 500 people participated in event on the first day andwe are hoping to see increase in this number one the second day. In the comingyears, the Indian health system has to device Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)prevention and control strategies, as a priority, to address the growingepidemic of IHD. Our approach is to provide and share best clinical practicesat and beyond Fortis Hospitals and help people educating them about heartrelated ailments.” 

Unhealthy diet is the major reasonbehind the heart related disorders especially among the youth. Due to change inlifestyle, modernization and too much exposure to junk food is leading todiabetes and hypertension at an early age, which is directly linked to heartproblems. I believe the initiatives like this will promote awareness regardinghealthy activities among the people”. 

To lead ahealthy lifestyle and prevent heart ailment it is extremely important to bephysically active, stay away from smoking and keep a check on blood sugar andcholesterol levels.

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