Four Bengaluru healthcare institutions ace Medical Value Travel Awards 2017

Bengaluru October 13, 2017 – Four Bengaluru-based healthcare institutions aced the Medical Value Travel Awards 2017 by emerging winners in as many as 5 of the 14 categories. The Awards were announced on the first day of Advantage Healthcare India 2017, the third global summit on medical value travel (medical tourism) jointly organized by FICCI; Dept. of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India; and Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC).

The Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences yetagain proved its medical excellence by bagging two awards for InterventionalCardiology and Cardiac Surgery, respectively, in the category of “Medical ValueTravel Specialist Hospital – Cardiology.” 

The Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center emergedthe winner in the category of “Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital –Oncology,” while Nova IVI Fertility aced the categoryof “Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital – In Vitro Fertilization /Infertility.”

 The Ayurvedagram Heritage WellnessCentre was declared the Wellness Center of the Year. 

The Medical Value Travel Awards were presented by RajnishKumar, Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Karnataka); SudhanshuPandey, Jt. Secretary, Dept. of Commerce, Ministry ofCommerce & Industry, GoI;Sangeeta Godbole, Director General,Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC); and Sangeeta Saxena,Additional Economic Advisor, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GoI. 


1. CATEGORY: Medical Facilitator of theYear: HBG Medical Assistance (Gurgaon / Delhi)

2. CATEGORY: Wellness Centre of the Year: AyurvedagramHeritage Wellness Centre, (Bengaluru)

3. CATEGORY: Ayurveda Centre of the Year:AyurVAID Hospitals (Kochi)

4.  CATEGORY: Medical Value TravelSpecialist Hospital – Cardiology (Interventional Cardiology):NarayanaInstitute of Cardiac Sciences (Bengaluru)

5.  CATEGORY: Medical Value TravelSpecialist Hospital – Cardiology (Cardiac surgery): Narayana Instituteof Cardiac Sciences (Bengaluru)

6. CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel SpecialistHospital – Paediatric Cardiac Sciences: Fortis Hospital(Mohali)

7. CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel SpecialistHospital – Oncology: Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center(Bengaluru)

8. CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel SpecialistHospital – Neurosciences: Paras Hospitals (Gurgaon)

9. CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel SpecialistHospital – In Vitro Fertilization / Infertility: Nova IVI Fertility (Bengaluru)

10.CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital– Transplant (Liver): Gleneagles Global Hospitals(Chennai)

11.CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital– Transplant (Kidney): Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals (NewDelhi)

12.CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital– Transplant (Heart): Fortis Malar Hospital(Chennai)

13 CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel Specialist Hospital– Transplant (Bone Marrow): Apollo Hospitals(Chennai)

14. CATEGORY: Medical Value Travel SpecialistHospital – Spine Surgery: Apollo Health City (Hyderabad)

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