Freemasons and Public Relations Community facilitate Good Samaritans

Hyderabad, March 18, 2019. Lodge Keys No. 297, a primary unit of Freemasonry, a global organization in a association with Public Relations Council of India(PRCI), Hyderabad Chapter, a local body of a premier non-political and not-for-profit organization of professionals in the fields of Public Relations, Communication, Advertising felicitated today 12 Good Samaritans here in a function held at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building on Saturday.

The Felicitation of ‘Good Samaritans’ is an initiative of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Lodge Keys No. 297  to recognize and promote ‘good’ in the society.

Lodge Keys which was founded in 1994 completes 25 years.  A function is called for to unveil Silver Jubilee theme, “BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES”.  Abraham Markos, Regional Grand Master of Regional Grand of Lodge of India, the head of Freemasons in South India graced the function and formally announced the theme in the presence of three Assistant Regional Grand Masters, Praful K Sahgal, John Zacharia, S. Janardhan, the heads of this region

G. Ashok Kumar, Worshipful Master(President) of Lodge Keys No. 297 welcomed the gathering.

Giving more details about the theme, D.Ramchandram, Secretary of Lodge Keys said, Freemasonry strives to make good men better. We at Lodge Keys believes that unless you promote good, you cannot ensure good. There is no use crying that values are deteriorating. Instead, we must salute and appreciate those few Good Samaritans who are carrying out incredible acts of kindness and are ‘a reason for someone to smile’. Taking this thought further, Lodge Keys plans to take up various activities during its silver jubilee year 2019 with the theme ‘Be the reason someone smiles’.

To kick off the theme “Be The Reason Someone Smiles” twelve Good Samaritans were felicitated. Prior to honouring them, a Video specially made on them was screened for the audience.   Good Samaritans are those who gratuitously give help or sympathy to those in distress.

These include:

Ramesh Kodipaka, Teacher – A School Principal who offered his students monkey caps to beat cold and comfortably attend school.

K. Priyanka and M. Ravinder, Police Constables – Priyanka breastfed the abandoned baby and the constable couple later reunited the baby with the parents.

Vemula Raju, Autodriver – The righteous Raju handed over a bag containing Rs.37,060/- cash left by a lady passenger.

AatipamulaJanardhan, Commoner – Janardhan handed over Rs.41,000/- he found on the road and proved his honesty

Rachaiah, Software Engineer – Handed over Rs.6,600/- found on road to Chikkadpally Police who returned the person who lost it.

Brahmachary,  Traffic Police Constable – A Police Constable who found and returned a mobile and Rs.5,000/- to a lady in Kukatpally.

Mahesh, Police Inspector–A humane police official who took an injured kid in his vehicle and even paid for the treatment from his pocket.

Narayana, Autodriver– A service-minded Auto driver who plies old, pregnant and physically challenged patients who come to MGBS from rural areas in his auto free of cost.

Jurpala Ramesh, Autodriver– A honest auto driver who returned Rs.10,00,000/- to two brothers from Siddipet who forgot the amount in his auto.

B. Gopal Traffic Home Guard in KPHB feeds destitute elderly women with his own money and acts beyond the call of his official duty.

Responding after the felicitation, Ramesh Kodipaka, a teacher said the felicitation motives to do more good work.  I am really honored and rededicate myself in spreading kindness among the people in society.

Simple acts of kindness have a great positive and distinct reciprocal effect said another Good Samaritan, Mahesh, Circle Inspector from Petbasheerbad.

Vemula Raju said this felicitation motives more to do good to the society. And he appreciated Lodge Keys & PRCI

Abraham Markos, The Regional Grand Master of Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India said “Be The Reason Someone Smile, the theme of the lodge Keys for its Silver Jubilee Celebrations is very laudable and praiseworthy. It is the need of the hour.

He also announced that the theme of Grand Master of “Grand Lodge of India”, the national and apex body of Freemasons is”WHEREVER THERE IS A NEED THERE IS A FREEMASON.

He appreciated Lodge Keys and PRCI coming forward to felicitate Good Samaritans.

Lodge Keys members G. Ashok, P. Veerabhadrudu, Radheyshaym Tiwari, Vijay K. Beerval, Raghu Ananthoj, Manvendra Mishra, Madhsudhan Bojja, Y. Lakshminarayana, Vidyakar, D.Ramchandram, Anil, Prabhakar felicitated Good Samaritans along with the guest with a bouquet, shawl and a silver bowl as a mark of respect for their kind deeds.

Later Abraham Markos launched “BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES CHALLENGE”.  It is something like #IceBucketChallenge, #RiceBucketChallenge to spread the “Good and Kindness” among the people in society.  In the midst of a stressful life, it is always me, me, my life.  No one has time for anyone. This challenge motivates, to begin with, Freemason members to make other’s days brighter.  The one who accepts the challenge has to do a simple act of kindness in the next thirty days. Some examples of these kindnesses include something similar to good deeds done by the twelve Samaritans felicitated today have done.  They were “THE REASON FOR SOMEONE SMILED”.  Then nominate three members—one Freemason, one relative and one professional colleague/ acquaintance.  And the chain goes. We want to see it spread all over Masonic Community and then all over India, shared D.Ramchandram.

Freemasons members Ramana Gudipati, Sagar Gala; PRCI members—Aparna, TVS Narayana, Public Relations practitioners Srikanth, Kiran, P Suresh;  families of Good Samaritans and people in general graced the function.

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