Freshworks Launches Freshteam, a CRM for Recruiters

BENGALURU AUGUST 23, 2017 : Freshworks, the leading provider of cloud-based business software, announced the launch of Freshteam, a recruitment management software that empowers businesses to efficiently organize their talent acquisition function, engage with candidates, and better align the human resources organization to business goals. Freshteam’s flexible hiring workflows and intuitive design make it a great fit for businesses of all sizes.

According toHBR, 80% of employee turnover occurs due to faulty hiring decisions. Recruitersspend most of their time in executing operational responsibilities thanconcentrating on building quality pipeline and recruiting, which in turnaffects the end-to-end-hiring process.

Freshteam,built on the experiences faced by the talent acquisition team at Freshworks asit scaled from six employees to a 1000+ strong global workforce, aims toimprove the hiring experience for not just recruiters but also everystakeholder involved the hiring process, thereby helping businesses deliver anexceptional end-to-end hiring and candidate experience.

Recruiterscan manage the entire recruitment process all under one platform. In additionto the standard market features like job posting management and interviewscheduling, recruiters can attract top talent through multiple sourcingchannels including social media channels, contextually collaborate with hiringteams, engage with candidates directly from the application tracking system(ATS), get organized by building candidate databases that help archivecandidate profiles, and leverage a mobile-friendly version to be connected onthe go.

"AtFreshworks, our mission is to build software that helps our customers manageevery critical business function," said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO& Founder of Freshworks. "During the early days ofFreshworks, it was a big challenge to get candidate experience right.Recruiters have a tough job of simultaneously managing candidates, interviewersand external staffing vendors for every opening to deliver the best hiringexperience.

Our talentacquisition team needed a unified way to manage all the touchpoints of thecandidate life cycle, much like how customer interactions and sales leads aremanaged through a CRM. As we tried to solve for it, we wanted to build asolution that puts Candidate Relationship Management right at the center of anorganization's talent acquisition process. So, we built Freshteam, arecruitment management solution that transforms hiring experience forrecruiters as well as candidates, while helping organizations grow evenfaster.”

To encourageSMBs to focus on their hiring experience, Freshteam will be available for freefor companies with less than 50 employees. In future product releases,Freshteam will integrate with other Freshworks software.

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