From ‘Seeing’ to ‘Experiencing’, Tourism changed over a period of time

Hyderabad, October 08, 2017.In earlier days, tourism was going with your family and friends to a place and see around the historical tourist spots, click a few pics and come back. With the anvil of the twenty first century, the ‘Social’ tourist is born…

Now thetourist wants an immersive experience… He not only wants to see the sights butexperience the culture, taste the food, live the life of the local people, andeventually post and share his pictures and videos on the social media for hisfriends and family back home. The ‘Social’ Tourist is not just interested insight seeing per se but in participation. Travelling and tourism has gone fromjust ‘seeing’ to ‘experiencing’, informs Vijay Mohan Raj, the Local OrganisingCommittee Chairman of 78th SKAL World Congress.  

Recognisingthe need today there are many travel and tour agents who are participating inthe ongoing SKAL Congress are offering Adventure travel, Bicycle tours,Cultural tourism, Eco-tourism, Religious tourism, Rural tourism, Social tourism‎,Sustainable tourism, Wildlife tourism, Shark Tourism etc. and more. Touroperators today offer travelers engaging and experiential holidays.   

There arevarious organizations, tour and travel operators offering unique experiencesaround the world. 

InTelangana, Pragati Resorts, Hyderabad offers Nature Walk whereinthe participants not only walk around the natural surroundings, savour herbaltea but also pick organic produce from their gardens, informs Ajay Ramadugu,Vice President of SKAL International Hyderabad. 

Anotherunique experience offered in Telangana is ‘Feel the Jail’ where one canrent a cell in the Heritage Jail and Museum in Medak district and get a feel ofthe prison, live the life of a prisoner for a day and even be served the samefood given to the inmates of the prison, says Valmiki Harikishan, tourismprofessional and another member of SKAL International Hyderabad.   

For thespiritually inclined, Shanker Reddy, a city’s travel professional says, TheSivananda Ashrams offer Yoga Vacation program in their ashramsworld over. Apart from the Yoga lessons, you can also learn to cook vegetarianfood, participate in service, do gardening, volunteer time, etc. 

The SingaporeNight Safari is a very well known zoo experience attraction to seeanimals such as leopards, wallabies and other wildlife up-close in theirfree-roaming environments, enjoy tribal performances and much more adds Alexesfrom Singapore.  

Wehave La Loma Jungle Lodge and Chocolate Farm in Panama whichprovides the tourist an opportunity to participate in tropical farm life andwork with local communities, informs Rodriques, a participant at SKAL WorldCongress. 

The LampivaaraAmethyst Mine tour in Finland takes the tourist to the depths of themines and introduces them to the world of gemstones. 

Bangkok isknown for its Zoo & Live Animal Shows, where you can not onlysee exotic animals but also pet them, feed them, even ride them and even bathein a river with elephants. You can take pictures with tiger cubs and even haveadult tigers put their head in your lap. Not only are these shows experientialbut they also are educational. 

In India, wehave a plethora of Adventure tourism options viz. camping, trekking, rockclimbing, river rafting, skiing, etc. But apart from these there are manyunique experiences on offer. 

MadhyaPradesh known for its wildlife offers packages where you get a taste of junglelife, accommodated in tents and can sight tigers and other wildlife in theirnatural habitat. 

ConsciousJourneys, Kolkata offers ‘Monk for a Month’, a Buddhist spiritualexperience program where one can study Tibetan Buddhism, live in a traditionalTibetan monastery and visit Spiti Valley, Kaza and Dharamsala along theIndia-Tibet border and even home-stay with local families along the route. 

Cox andKings offers ‘A Culinary Journey Through India’ a private journeycovering Mumbai, Varanasi, Kolkata and Chennai delving into the cuisine ofIndia where one can sample exotic culinary creations as one explores the regions.Another one of their private journey offered is the ‘Textiles of India’covering places such as Chennai, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Varanasi, Lucknowand Delhi, a journey through India’s textile traditions. 

The MihirGarh in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is an intricate mud fort with nine spacioussuites offering Village Safari where you can relive Royal picnics from an eralong gone, live in tents, take part in culinary workshops, etc. 

The MountbattenLodge Ranakpur in Rajasthan offers The Marwar Safari Experience whereone can experience the desert, live in a mobile tent, spot leopards, rideelephants and spend a night at the Maharaja’s epic Umaid Bhawan Palace. 

Manyoperators offer Mumbai’s Dabbawalas and Dhobhis tour in whichone is given the tour of Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat which is the world’slargest outdoor laundry where around 200 dhobi’s families work and Mumbai’sDabbawala Tour takes one on a journey of a lunch box to the office. The touroffers tourists an opportunity to closely monitor and observe the Dabbawalasoperations where freshly made food from customer’s home in a lunch box (Dabba)is delivered to offices with 100 per cent accuracy. 

From‘Seeing’ to ‘Experiencing’, Tourism changed a lot over a period of time.   The new age ‘Social’ tourist is goingthe extra mile and is willing to take the road less travelled.

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