Fronius India aims to double turnover by 2019

Bangalore , December 21st, 2017 – Fronius India, one of India’s leading supplier of solar PV string inverters, welding equipments and battery charging systems, is aiming to double its turnover by fiscal 2019. Set up in India in 2013, the company has been improving its profitability every year while clocking exceptional growth in its year-on-year revenues.

To achievethis ambitious target in the next two years, Fronius India plans to expandtheir solar inverter business by entering east and central India, wherethey see tremendous opportunities for growth. Fronius India has alreadyopened offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad for its solaroperations.

FroniusIndia currently services solar clients across sectors likeManufacturing, Automotive, Hospitality, Government, EducationalInstitutions and Commercial. Fronius solar inverters have beensuccessfully deployed across cities like Pune, Kolhapur, Nasik, Bangalore,Hyderabad,  New Delhi, Ranchi, to name a few, resulting in over100 MW ofsolar installations till date.

Commentingon aiming to achieve a considerable increase in market share, MrV.V Kamath, Managing Director, Fronius India said, “Given therate at which the solar industry is booming, we are expecting high returns by2019. Currently, we have a market share of 5.2% and are expecting itto increase to 20% in the next two years. When we entered the solarmarket back in 2014, a handful of other players had already created a strongbase by then. However, we were able to strengthen our position in the marketthrough the high quality products and services we had to offer.”

Solarinverters from Fronius are of world class quality and include upto a 20 yearwarranty.  Products are available in a wide choice of models and are easyto install, repair and service at site. Fronius inverters help to maximize theyield of PV systems and stabilize the grid, thanks to advance grid functionsimplemented on all our devices. Quick repairs are possible due to uniqueSnaplnverter design, and hence ensure minimum down time and service cost. Froniussolar inverters are future ready and are already capable of meeting therequirements of the grid of tomorrow.

India’ssolar power sector is at an inflection point and is all set for speedyacceleration. The Government has set an ambitious target of installing 100gigawatts of solar power by 2022.

In the fouryears since the company entered the Indian market they have completed over 5000inverter installations in about 20 states across India and have  a clientbase of over 250 companies, like Fourth Partner Ltd, Sunshot solar, Rely onSolar, to name a few.

Commentingon the range of Fronius inverters, Mr. Prashanth Kumar, MD of APSBangalore said, “We have been using Fronius solar inverters for thelast two and a half years. They have always offered a wide and flexible choice.Thanks to their R & D focus, Fronius products reflect the latest technicalinnovations. Their after sales service also has been commendable.”

Mrs.Meenakshi Sharma, MD of Medors Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd said, “We are very happy with theperformance of Fronius solar inverters. They have proven to be a completepackage of reliability, cutting edge technology and maximum yielddependability. Fronius inverters come with a complete communications packagewhich makes monitoring easy.”

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