Funneran- a Real Money Gaming App launches IPL i.e. Intelligence Pattern Learning

May 10, 2019 New Delhi- Funnearn a real money gaming app is launching a new edition to enhance the intelligence and mental capability of its users. Fundamentally the game is grounded on the experiments proceeded by the scientists of Primate Research Institute, The PRI to analyze and compare the memory power between chimps and humans. In the tests, a number pattern was given before them and gives enough time to memorize it. After some time, it was tested how much both memorize the pattern and amazingly at 90% of the time chimps won the tests by correcting the patterns. This can also be called Intelligent Pattern Learning, IPL, which can enhance intelligence and memory power.

The new game of Funnearn brings IPL into an entertainment platform. The Funnearn game is intended to involve the users in IPL learning tests. Adopting the IPL test models, a scientifically proven method to enhance the phonetic number memory, the game tries to encompass the mental abilities like reasoning, plan, problem-solving, abstract thinking, and comprehensive analysis. It is found that Funnearn game is increasing the learning abilities of the users through active skill interaction with the games.

Funnearn has made the test in a different way via extensive Bumper and Carnivals on a regular basis. This amazing game provides extra prize money which can be transferred to your Paytm wallet directly. Thus money making becomes easier for the younger generation with learning. Funnearn expects to bring a new sensation in the gaming industry through their interactive learning game and aids the younger generation with their intelligence and mental capabilities.

To add excitement and curiosity in the zealous gamers, Funnearn is coming with an exceptional gaming and great earning experience. As more people are embracing online games with optimism, the industry is going to see a skill-play with Funnearn.

India is one of the largest online markets globally which has undergone an enormous change in the last few years. The online gaming industry is rapidly growing all over the world and has made a huge impact both economically and socially. The exponential growth in mobile gaming apps and a considerable increase in the number of people who are attracted to these games prove the on-going revolution happening in this industry. In India, the digital gaming sector is flourishing with drastic developments and technological advancements. This huge inclination towards online gaming results in a new level of technical interaction. 

Due to the negative impacts of games over the society which comes as an addiction, several authorities banned luck based games like gambling. The factors like internet urbanization, societal ethics, literacy and intelligence level, etc. began to influence the gaming sector and the age confronted a shift from the purely entertainment based games to simple, skill and ethically based digital games. Although the rapid shift was a challenge initially, the digital gaming sector realized the innumerable possibilities and benefits of such revolutionary games and a new trend has emerged in the industry.

India is witnessing a massive change in the choices and consumption patterns of its people because of the internet-urbanization which has a major influence on the gaming sector. With the advanced technological access and innovation in the designs, skill-based games are expecting a major growth. Transparency, strict regulation, consumer protection and above all the unlimited benefits acquired from those games promote it as a major contributor to the economic and social welfare of the country.

As per statistics, online gaming is yet not reached saturation. Among the infinite game developers, Funnearn has established its position as a popular mobile gaming app through its innovative and advantageous games. With Funnearn the gamers can enter in paid contests and make money with their mental ability skills. The distinct feature of Funnearn is considered to be the convenient time management in games to play and earn. The contribution of Funnearn to the new digital gaming market includes the creation of talented players and also quick money making process in online gaming. 

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