Future of Background Screening lies in the hands of Automation and Robotics

The boom of technology in the 90’s brought about a huge transformation in everyday lives of people. Technology revolutionised and emerged as a game-changer for most industries. Emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning are some of the buzzwords of today

Companies are investing in these technologies to incorporate the solutions and benefit from them in terms of cost, time, and performance. In fact, a number of companies across various sectors have actively started implementing these technologies to ramp up their business operations.

According to a study by University of School of Business (USB), more than 13 million people are expected to enter India’s working age population annually for the next five-six years, meaning that there is a dire need of workforce intelligence and automation technologies in human resources management. The aim of this study is to listen to employees of IT sector, investigate the factors that boost their performance and to offer suggestions to improve their work-life balance. For more details on the study. CLICK HERE

In addition to this, some of the popular e-commerce giants are also shifting towards automation, AI, and robotics to augment workforce and for better warehouse work execution. For instance, large multinational technology companies have invested in Robotic Process Automation for their manufacturing processes. Another such industry to follow this route will be the hiring and background screening industry.

The cut-throat competition to get employed and become financially secure has become even more evident with the increasing rate of discrepancies in the documents submitted by prospective candidates. Thus, the companies are facing a huge challenge of picking the best talent from this pool of ingenuity.

Screening has turned out to be a necessity in today’s world. It can not only provide useful insights about the candidates but it also helps the company to decide whether the candidate will be a suitable match or not.

Recruitment involves document-centric processes that include a lot of repetitive and transactional steps. It starts from identifying the best suited candidates and interviewing them, to conducting the background check and on-boarding them. Thus, this process requires the involvement of variegated stakeholders with different competencies. This indicates that each step consumes time, ranging from days to weeks or even months, making the entire process more complex and risky.

And technologies such as robotics and automation have huge potential to help the background screening industry evolve further with speed, cost-cutting, efficiency and more.

Some of the popular benefits that automation and robotics can contribute to the screening industry include:

·         Huge Time Savings- Automation and Robotics have the ability to complete tasks at a much faster pace than humans without compromising on the quality of task which would have otherwise taken weeks to complete. This implies that the companies will be able to reduce the turnaround time.  The time saved can thus be used for other productive tasks of the company, increasing its efficiency.

·         Enhanced Customer Experience- Automated recruiting solutions provide convenient, smooth, and one-click applications for the company, thus making the entire process seem effortless and smooth, ensuring the companies of a premium customer experience.

·         Better Results- Robotics infused programmes have the potential to deliver error-free accurate results in a very short period of time and in turn reduces the operational costs.

·         Not a replacement of existing system- A Robotic Process Automation doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to replace the general existing system of company operations. These technologies can be best used when leveraged with the existing company systems.

·         Encourages Diversity at Workplace- Using automated recruiting software can lead to greater diversity in a workplace. Because automated recruiting software relies on data, conscious and subconscious human biases are largely eliminated from the recruiting process.

·         Knowledge Retention- Knowledge retention aspect of automated recruiting software enables your recruiters to be efficient and decreases the amount of training and ramp-up time that new recruiters typically require.

·         Better Data Security-Automation and Robotics can assist the HR team to securely share ex-employee data for background verification while ensuring that the data is not misused.

Thus, technologies such as automation and robotics have tremendous potential to boost the entire process of screening methods. This end to end automation system can make the entire process very secure, easy, and seamless. It can be more fluid and can relieve employees from high- volume strenuous task of background verification. It can also bring innovation and creativity to the entire process and ultimately contribute to the growth of the business. And to conclude with the most important point- it can assist companies to improve their services by connecting their existing methods to robot-aware and automation technologies, that increase speed and performance and open the road to a seamless digital transformation.

By Vivek Khanna, Managing Director, First Advantage, India Region.

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