Futureproofing architecture through modern yet rooted concepts was the key highlight at the A&D

October 13, 2017, Mumbai: The Mumbai edition of the 5th Economic Times A&D Summit brought together the experts from the architecture & design fraternity to discuss diversity, sustainability, technology and innovation in designing spaces. The event held at Vivanta by Taj President, Mumbai was attended by architects, interior designers and students.

The industry expertsshared insights on the rich Indian architecture, which has evolved recently dueto technological advancements and over population. It is a result of followingin the footsteps of others without thoughtful, local-specific innovation, whichis a major cause of concern. Thus the focus was on constructing better homesfor India and offering Indians a design environment focused on sustainabilitywhile balancing the needs of modernity. It was found that when an industrialfacility is designed, the future direction of the industry must be considered.Thus the expansion and future needs of the facility are an importantconsideration. In any large industrial design, the synergy between architectureand engineering is critical.

Sharing his thoughts on the summit, Mr. Deepak Lamba, President, TimesStrategic Solutions Ltd. said,“The face of Indian architecture has changedin the last decade as we have adopted technological advancements. The aimbehind this summit was to bring together experts to share their views andexperiences that will help built a modern India which is humane, sustainableand timeless.” The summit alsobrought out an important topic of discussion – that of involving architects inthe urban development of the country. The summit assured to take thisinitiative forward by involving government authorities and certainly use thisplatform to reach out to them.

Speaking during thesession on cultural context & design diversity, Mr. Kanhai Gandhi, Director, KNS Architecture said, “Architecture is not about copyinginternational designs and technology but is about seeing the viability of thelocation.” Srinivas Murthy G, Chief Executive and Architect at SMG Design said, “History suggests that India has a richtaste in intricate architecture. Architecture is a dying craft in India. Wemust revive craftsmanship using traditional nuances in modern designs.”

The summit was alsoa platform for architects and designers to display the latest products &projects undertaken. As part of the summit, the cover of the Economic Times Architecture & Design Inspirations 2017 Coffee Table Book was launched.Nerolac launched a book compiled by Nerolac, titled ‘Exterior Color Guide’, which contained seven different colorstories. The summitculminated with a panel discussion on ‘Futureproofing fuller life’ which threwup fascinating insights. The crux of the matter being the understanding of thelocal area, culture, heritage and adapting technology and innovation bestsuited to its needs. 

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