Gadget Bridge App with AI Features Launched In India

New Delhi, March 25 , 2019: Gadget Bridge announces the launch of its Android app with lot of neat and useful features for readers who want to stay in the middle of everything gadgety. The News and Media app catering to an audience who want to read the latest news from the world of technology and gadgets is now available. The AI driven new-age news app has everything from the website in a fluid mobile-friendly interface. The articles written in a comprehensible format are available in a slick UI on the Gadget Bridge Android app.

Users and readers can find everything from the latest technology and gadget announcements to reviews, previews, comparisons and first impressions of different gadgets that are launched or about to launch. The intuitive scroll method makes it easy for the user to go through just the headlines swiftly, and if one wants to read anything further, they can just tap the article panel and they will be taken to the elaborate article written in a jargon-free manner.

The categories section in the app is for users who want to follow or read about a particular gadget beat. There are over 18 categories to read from, which include Mobiles, TVs, cameras, tablets, audio or just the regular news. The Gadget Bridge app also has a special section for people want to see tech videos and not just read. Integrated with Gadget Bridge’s YouTube English Channel and player within the app, users and viewers can see the latest videos coming from the Gadget Bridge video team.

For readers who would want to hear the article on the go or are working/doing something else at the same time, can just tap the speak button in the article page within the Gadget Bridge app and the voice assistant will start to voice read the article to the user.

Commenting on the significant launch, Mr Sulabh Puri, Founder and Editor in Chief of said, “Today is a great day for us, as we move ahead in our journey to provide the best news and reading experience to the Indian and global audience, we have launched the Gadget Bridge App. This app will bring the best from the world of technology and gadget to your mobile screen first. Our team has and is working overtime to bring you the absolute latest in a very fluid and intuitive technology and gadgets news app. Also, the voice assistant will read out articles to you, at a press of a button. We will continue to better this app and evolve it as time passes.”

The app is available in over 144 countries worldwide, India being the primary one. The App Can be download from Google Play Store or by clicking this link.

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