Gangaa and Sagar re-unite after a decade in Zee Kannada’s Gangaa

Bengaluru 13th November: Zee Kannada’s Gangaa is the story of a young child-widow who has braved many situations since she lost her father at a young age. Orphaned and widowed at a tender age, Gangaa (Bhavani) fights discrimination and oppression and has spent over a decade questioning age-old customs of the society. Her struggle for survival in the harsh world has entertained Zee Kannada’s viewers since the show’s launch. And now, viewers will see the story move forward by 10 years as Gangaa grows up as a stronger woman.

As a grown-up Gangaa continues to lead her life, she crossespaths with Sagar (Sameep), her childhood friend who returned to India aftercompleting his education. Their encounter at the Melkote Temple Utsava lights aspark between the two effectively worrying Ajjamma (Lakshmi Nadagowda) ,Sagar’s grandmother, since had orchestrated a marriage between Sagar and Gangaato save the former’s life. Now regretting here decision, Ajjamma is willing togo to any lengths to keep the two apart.

Commenting on the plot, a channel spokesperson said, “ZeeKannada constantly focuses on showcasing the reality of our society to itsaudience. Gangaa has been a role model for like-minded women who have facedmany hardships in their lives due to our society’s traditions and customs. Asthe storyline for Gangaa progresses, we strive to showcase the strength ofSagar and Gangaa’s relationship, it’s intensity having transcended a decade.Whether Sagar will ever learn the truth about the connection they share issomething that viewers will witness as the story unfolds.”

As sparks fly, to what extent will Ajjamma go to keep Gangaaand Sagar apart? Will Sagar learn the truth about his relationship with Gangaa?

Tune in to Gangaa only on Zee Kannada at 9 30pm to find out! 

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