Ganges Internationale launches world class roof mounting solutions

Bangalore, 09th June 2017 — Ganges Internationale Private Limited, a multifaceted technology company, in partnership with PanelClaw (the leading provider of flat roof mounting solutions in the United States of America) is delivering world-class rooftop solar mounting solutions to the Indian market. Through this association, Ganges’ under GIPL Solar is leveraging its manufacturing experience with the help of its state of the art manufacturing facility and logistics capabilities to deliver world class product which is a globally accepted product.

GIPL hasinstalled more than 2000 MW of solar project across India and 0.355 MW solarrooftop in Bangalore. Flat roof solar installations require specialized skillsets that consider factors such as water drainage, thermal expansion andcontraction, turbulent wind forces, seismic response, corrosion resistance,mechanical loading, and more. GIPL Solar will supply Polar Bear®components for PanelClaw and is going to be their exclusive licensepartner for the sale of Polar Bear in Southeast Asia and Middle East. “Weare delighted to associate with PanelClaw. GIPL Solar now has access tothe best in class flat roof solar products that are backed by extensive testingand a superior performance track record.” said Vinay Goyal, CEO ofGanges Internationale Pvt Ltd

PanelClaw’sPolar Bear is a drill free - ballast based solution based on more than 7 yearsof experience in flat roof delivering constant innovation that has led tohaving a reliable, extremely cost effective product backed by an extensivesuite of engineering data and support. This world class mounting designand solution is on the top list of solar developers and local installers, whichis also gaining a lot of popularity in the countries like Bangladesh, SriLankaand Middle East. Products will be manufactured by Ganges in Pondicherry withwarehouse at several locations to reduce the installation time.

There aretwo types of solutions, Roof top and Ground based whichare easy to install and supported by ballast, which eliminates the need ofpuncturing or putting up cemented pile block. 

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