Gatorade India appoints P.V. Sindhu as brand ambassador

Bangalore, March 21th, 2017: Gatorade India today announced that it has signed on P.V. Sindhu as its brand ambassador. The move is a reiteration of PepsiCo India’s commitment towards dialing up the communication on the benefits of its healthier food and beverage offerings to consumers.

Gatorade will also be unveiling an all new #SweatMore campaign featuring P.V. Sindhu in a digital film that shows the brand’s close partnership with the athlete. Gatorade’s new #SweatMore comes from the belief that winning comes from within and if you work hard for your goals, anything is possible. 

Gatorade India plans to have P.V. Sindhu work with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute during the period of the partnership, to better understand her training and match-day nutrition. Gatorade’s scientific formula has the right amount of carbohydrates, electrolytes and flavour that can help an athlete rehydratereplenish and refuel while playing sports. For over 50 years, Gatorade has been studying ways to help athletes improve performance by delivering proper hydration and nutrition. 

Announcing the partnership, Vipul Prakash, Vice President-Beverage Category, PepsiCo India said, ““We are delighted to welcome P.V. Sindhu into the PepsiCo India family. We believe that Gatorade is the perfect fuel for P.V Sindhu and we are happy to partner with her. Gatorade is a scientifically formulated sports drink that provides the right hydration and fueling during a strenuous game or a training session. P.V. Sindhu personifies the spirit of the brand through her determination and winning attitude.” 

Speakingabout the partnership, P.V. Sindhu said, “There is nosubstitute for hard work. However, hard work comes with long hours of practice,persistence and perspiration. Each day throws a new challenge and you must befit to take it head on. Gatorade helps athletes do just that. I am extremelyhonored to join the Gatorade family of athletes which consists of sporting legendsacross the world.” 

In 2016,P.V. Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal andcurrently ranks amongst the top 10 players in the world.

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