Ginger by Lifestyle launches digital first campaign #ImperfectlyPerfect

National, November 9, 2017: Ginger by Lifestyle, fashion brand for young girls, has launched #ImperfectlyPerfect – a digital first marketing campaign that celebrates the quirks, the differences, that makes every girl unique and distinctive. The campaign creatively explores the unrealistic demands of perfection that the society places on a young girl– the unfairness around ‘fairness’, the whole size debate, labeling, and everything else in between. Watch the video here –

In apowerful digital campaign, girls from different walks of life are seencelebrating their uniqueness and take head on the deep rooted discriminationthat they face every day. Poked, prodded and trolled for their looks,conduct or dressing, girls often come up against unrealistic expectations andjudgement when it comes to their body, behavior and choices. To make it worse,social media fuels their insecurities, leaving them vulnerable and oftenseeking validation. 

#ImperfectlyPerfectweaves in voices of young girls in a powerful short film exploring how they arejudged because of the way they are - being dark, too tall, too short, tooskinny to having tattoos or dressing a certain way.  Through this visuallyimpactful digital campaign, the brand aims at creating awareness around suchsuperficial discriminations. The young girls featured in this film are realgirls with distinct voices, urging their sisters to simply rise above like askyscraper, brushing off and looking down upon petty societal judgments and becomfortable in their own skin.  

Talkingabout this campaign, Mr. Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice President, Marketing,Lifestyle, said, “#ImperfectlyPerfect is inspired by the young girl of todaywho is strong, opinioned and recognizes her uniqueness not as a flaw but as abeautiful distinction. With this campaign, Ginger hopes to create awarenessregarding the unrealistic and unreasonable expectations that society has fromyoung women and we hope that it resonates with young women, reiterating thatit’s their uniqueness that makes them who they are and celebrates the strengththey have to rise above any negativity that comes their way.” 

“We wantedGinger to be the bold voice of the girl who has a strong mind to go with it andis totally comfortable in her skin. To celebrate her individuality beyondstereotypes and tags and acknowledge the quirks and uniqueness that makes herunapologetically herself. To declare boldly that if perfection is the standardthe world imposes, she is gloriously and happily #ImperfectlyPerfect”,says Priya Shivakumar, ECD & Creative Head, JWT Bangalore.

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