Give your photography a “Sense of Genius” with the newly launched versatile Full Frame camera

Bangalore, July 2017 – Canon India Pvt. Ltd., today unveiled the EOS 6D Mark II, in the EOS full-frame DSLR line, that will offer photography enthusiasts and professionals with the imaging power of a large full frame sensor that imbues their photography with a “Sense Of Genius”. The EOS 6D Mark II exhibits a well-rounded feature set with extensive additions for photographers to enjoy the creative world of high quality imaging through the comprehensive full-frame DSLR functions, packed into a light weight and compact body.

Featuring a 26.2 Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, theEOS 6D Mark II delivers exceptionally clear images even under low lightconditions and is capable of achieving an impressive background blur effect,which is a key characteristic of large sensors. Equipped with Dual Pixel CMOSAF technology for high-performance focus tracking in Live View mode as well asDIGIC 7 image processor for high image quality even in dimly-lit situations,the EOS 6D Mark II includes significant feature enhancements as compared to itspredecessor. A first in Canon’s full-frame DSLR range, the EOS 6D Mark II isdesigned with a versatile vari-angle touch panel, giving users the flexibilityof shooting from a high or low angle. 

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, Presidentand CEO, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, said, “As pioneers in imaging, we value thesignificance of a parallel transition between innovation and the landscape ofphotography. Taking a step ahead in this endeavour, we are proud to announcethe launch of EOS 6D Mark II today, an all-rounder camera projecting the “Senseof Genius”. At Canon, we have always focused on providing a cutting edgetechnology to our customers with our innovative offerings. Building on thelegacy of its predecessor the EOS 6D, we are for the first time making anarticulating LCD on a full frame DSLR camera. It will allow photographers tocapture magnificent shots, fulfilling our commitment to nurture and enhance thepassion for photography. Currently we hold the number one position, in terms ofmarket share for DSLR cameras and with the launch of such evolutionaryproducts, we foresee our numbers to grow and achieve more than 50% in the DSLRsegment by the end of this year”. 

Mr. Eddie Udagawa, Vice President of Consumer Imaging andInformation Centre, Canon India said, “The EOS 6D Mark II is a versatile fullframe camera that reflects the “Sense of Genius”, striking a perfect balancebetween compact design and superior performance offering an excellent value tothe photo enthusiasts and professionals. The EOS 6D Mark II is a camera thatwill excel in a vast variety of genres. With a full frame sensor, Dual PixelCMOS AF and Vari-angle touch panel, the EOS 6D Mark II, will appeal to bothstill and video audiences allowing them to experience the world of full-frameimaging in new and interesting ways.”


As part of its association with professionalphotographers, Canon India has exposed key industry veterans to the EOS 6D MarkII. Mr. Prakash Tilokani, one of the top wedding photographers in India, andMr. Sandesh Kadur – an award winning wildlife photo journalist have used theEOS 6D Mark II during various field assignments and their feedback  is highly positive.

About EOS 6D Mark II

Achieve Precise Shots with Utmost Precision & Clarity 

With a huge leap from 11-point in the EOS 6D to 45-pointall cross-type AF system in the EOS 6D Mark II, the 45-point all cross –type AFsystem provides AF coverage over an expanded area during viewfinder shooting.Of the 45 points, 27 are f/8 compatible, resulting in excellent performancewhen using an extender. 

Additionally, the EOS 6D Mark II possesses a continuousshooting speed of up to 6.5 fps, which promises sharp image capture of evenfast-moving subjects. In Live View mode, continuous shooting speed is up to animpressive 4 fps. Coupled with enhanced ISO speeds of up to 40,000 (expandableto 102,400), it allows users to capture sharp and crisp image quality even inlow-light conditions. With the sensitivity of the center AF point rated at-3EV, the EOS 6D Mark II can consistently acquire focus in extremely low lightlevels (roughly equivalent to light cast by a full moon).

The EOS 6D Mark II is equipped with a 7560 pixel RGB+IRmetering sensor and a colour detection AF that enables consistent and accurateexposure in various lighting conditions. It automatically detects skin tonesand prioritizes focus on human subjects within the frame. With the addition ofthe lens aberration correction settings, the EOS 6D Mark II automaticallydetects the lens paired, and corrects distortion and diffraction at the time ofshooting.


To offer users the flexibility and room for creativeexpression, several features are incorporated as a first in Canon’s full frameEOS series. Sporting a vari-angle touchscreen LCD monitor, users will be ableshoot from high to low angles nimbly. This is complemented by the inclusion ofthe brand new Panning function. With this Panning function, it helps inenhancing the background blur while keeping the main subject in focus by automaticallyselects the optimal shutter speed by analysing the panning speed of the cameraand the speed of the subject.

Through the Intelligent Viewfinder, users have quick andeasy access to all shooting information without needing to look away from the viewfinder.The battery life of the EOS 6D Mark II can also be extended to accommodatelonger shooting hours with the optional battery grip (BG-E21) which houses 2pieces of LP-E6N batteries. Ergonomically designed, users will find that theEOS 6D Mark II with the BG-E21 battery grip can be handled with greater easeand comfort, especially when shooting in portrait mode.


Creating Moving Art with Advanced Technology


The EOS 6D Mark II offers videographers the enjoyableexperience of shooting professional movies in full HD at a seamless 60p.Powered by the high speed Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a proprietary Canon-developedtechnology, smooth and high performance focus tracking can be achieved whenshooting in both Live View and movie mode. When recording movies, the EOS 6DMark II is able to continuously track the movements of subjects seamlessly, andalso enable users to switch focus from a foreground subject to a background subjectquickly and simply by touch focus on the Vari-angle LCD.

In addition, tracking sensitivity and AF speed can becustomized to allow videographers to create their desired effects. Moviedigital IS provides the highly effective 5-axis image stabilization to supporthandheld shoots, even when paired with non-IS lenses to minimize shaky videofootages caused by movement.


With the 4K Time-lapse movie function, movie-makers canalso capture moods and moments by combining still images shot at intervals overtime. For example, users can produce a high quality Time-lapse movie of asunrise, sunset, moving clouds or heavy traffic on a bustling street.


Seamless Connectivity


With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, users can transferimages and videos from the camera to the smart devices and upload them onto theCanon Image Gateway, social media platforms and cloud storage. And by using theCanon Camera Connect app, users have real-time control of camera settings suchas shutter speed, focus selection and self-timer and more.

In addition, EOS 6D Mark II features Bluetooth low energytechnology which maintains constant connection to a compatible smart device ata low power consumption. With this constant connection, users can view images,start remote capture, from the camera, even when the camera is in Auto PowerOff mode. Smart devices with Bluetooth can wake the camera up, and switch toWi-Fi for browsing and viewing images or perform remote capture (with LiveView).


Equipped with a GPS receiver, users can also logcoordinates of every place that they have photographed, which can be stored asmetadata accompanying each image. A GPS log can also be kept to create a map ofplaces photographed, as a record of the places the user has been to.


The EOS 6D Mark II will be available at the price of


EOS 6D Mark II Body: INR 132,995/U (inclusive of alltaxes)

EOS 6D Mark II (with EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM): INR184,995/U (inclusive of all taxes)

EOS 6D Mark II (with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM): INR202,995/U (inclusive of all taxes)


Product specifications


EOS 6D Mark II


Image sensor:

26.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

Imaging processor:


ISO speed:

100-40000 (expandable range 50- 102,400)

Continuous shooting speed:

Approx. 6.5 fps

Maximum video quality:

Full HD 60p


45-point all cross-type AF / Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Wi-Fi / NFC/ Bluetooth/GPS:



7.6 cm/3.0-inch Vari-angle touch panel (approx. 1.04million dots)

Dimensions :

Approx. 144.0mm(W) x 110.5mm(H) x 74.8mm(D)

Weight :

Approx. 685g (body only) – CIPA Standards

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