Gleneagles Global Hospitals boosts the state’s heart and lung transplant scenario

December 24, Bengaluru: Gleneagles Global Hospitals is delighted to announce the launch of their Heart and Lung Transplant program in Karnataka in order to serve the local community and promote the benefits of these procedures. This initiative will help boost the healthcare sector of the state while also build awareness regarding end-stage heart and lung conditions, providing options to those who may not have had viable treatment options in the past.

The heart and thelungs are among the most important organs of the body. When either of theseorgans start failing to perform as required, the whole medical status of thebody is compromised. If left untreated, it could cause irreversible damage toother organs as they depend on these two organs to properly function. With thelaunch of this program, Gleneagles Global Hospitals brings to Karnataka theexperience of Dr Thasee Pillay, a world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, andhis team of medical professionals experienced in the field of transplants. As amember of the international society for minimally invasive cardiothoracicsurgery and former clinical director of the cardiothoracic services overseeingAdult and Paediatric Surgery, Anaesthesia and intensive Care, CardiopulmonaryTransplantation and ex director of the royal college of surgeons, Dr Pillaybrings with him 2 decades of experience in the field of transplants, and hasbeen a part of over 500 transplants in the UK. His experience and training willbe a great asset to the heart and lung transplant scenario in Karnataka,especially for those patients who have had to travel long distances to receivetreatment in the past.


Recently, BGSGleneagles Global Hospitals treated a patient suffering from dilatedcardiomyopathy, which had resulted in his prolonged bed ridden state andmultiple hospitalisations due to its escalation to cardiac failure. Hisday-to-day activities and professional life had severely been hampered due tohis condition. After matching him with a suitable donor, the cardiac transplantteam successfully performed the transplant. The patient withstood the procedurewell and his recovery in the hospital went forward smoothly. He is currentlydoing well and has been able to go back to his normal life.


Dr Thasee Pillay, Advisor & Sr. Consultant Cardiac &Cardiopulmonary Transplant at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, said, “Heart transplantation is a major, criticaland complex surgery. It should only be considered if the surgery is going toimprove the recipient’s chance of survival or quality of life, post-transplant.Over the years, results have shown that the survival rates of cardiac failurepatients have risen from 20% to 80% due to the availability of this procedure,making it a true life-saver and game changer for those patients sufferingfrom heart failure.”


Dr Sandeep HS, Consultant Transplant Pulmonologist at BGS GleneaglesGlobal Hospitals, said, “There is noway through which lost lung function can be restored completely in respiratorydiseases like COPD and ILDs. Despite medical management these diseases continueto progress and the patients eventually end up with respiratory failure. Lungtransplantation is the only option to improve quality of life and increase thelongevity in such situations. Lung Transplantation is being done worldwide formore than 30 years and the time has come now for our countrymen to utilise thislife saving treatment modality.”


With the launch ofthis program, the medical team at Gleneagles Global Hospitals will be availablefor consultations, assessment, and performance of transplants in the state ofKarnataka at their hospitals. Should the necessity present itself, thesedoctors will also be at hand to do outreach programs to help remote areas ofthe state. These transplant procedures will follow internationally established protocols,from assessing whether the patient’s condition necessitates a transplant, toassessing the patient’s ability to withstand the procedure, inclusive ofevaluation of the damaged organ as well as other organ functions, toidentifying and minimising all potential risks that could arise from theperformance of these transplant procedures.


Dr K Ravindranath, Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group said, “With the launch of this transplant program, wehope to educate the public on the benefits of undergoing transplants. Thesemedical procedures offer patients a new lease of life, and a better quality oflife than the one they were going through while on medical management.Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group is a pioneering institution in multi organ transplantationin India with cutting edge technology for transplant procedures since it is aworld-class transplant center. With our team of experienced medicalprofessionals and a laboratory devoted to transplant immunology, I am sure thatthis program will be able to benefit all members of the society who needtransplant for Heart failure.” 

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