Global Beauty Brand for Women, Avon launches Breast Cancer Awareness Drive 2018

Bangalore: May 2018: Avon India, the women’s beauty brand has launched the second leg of its pan India campaign ‘#PayAttention’ to raise awareness on breast cancer. Avon supports the core cause of Breast Cancer awareness over the last 25 years, with the support of their six million independent Avon Representatives worldwide.

With an objective to connect with a wider audience, Avon planned a national theme for the campaign with the name ‘#PayAttention’. Last year, 5,00,000 women lost their lives to breast cancer. One of the main reason is lack of knowledge and awareness about breast cancer. Most of the women don’t know the symptoms and the risks of the disease.  Avon India is consistently working towards the mission of awareness about this disease.   Last year, the campaign created huge social buzz including 185 thousand interactions which were created on Instagram, followed by 199 thousand interactions on Facebook posts and touched thousands of lives.


This year, as a part of the ‘#PayAttention’ campaign, Avon will unveil a thought-provoking film which is expected to create a huge social impact and urge people to come forward, react and do self-examination to detect this problem in time.

Excited to announce thenational initiative, Rahul Shanker, Managing Director, Avon India said, “AvonIndia is globally recognized for making the fight against breast cancer centralto their mission. Last year, we announced the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, arenewed multi-year commitment to educate women about breast health that buildson our legacy of supporting the breast cancer cause.  2018 campaign focus is to shift fromeducation to action. We aim to touch lives of people across cities and urgethem to step forward and act.  In ourcontinued approach, this year too, Avon India is initiating a nation-wide driveto educate people on self-examination and ensure to break myths about breastcancer”


Adding to this Swati Jain,Marketing Director, Avon India, “Last year, Avon India touched lives byinitiating health check-ups across cities in India. This year too, we are allset to drive our awareness drive for massive social impact. Through the video,we will share story of Shalini Vakil, cancer survivor & fighter mom andmany other women like her who are true inspiration to others. Recent studyreveals that India accounts for the third highest number of cancer cases amongwomen hence, it is imperative to address the threat of increasing cases amongwomen with urgency and emphasis on timely diagnosis, prevention measures &effective treatment.”


In line with the launch oftheir pan-India initiative #PayAttention, Avon India conducted a global surveylast year spanning 19,000 respondents targeting men and women alike, to take upa simple breast self-examination to detect early symptoms. The study revealedthat less than half of the women surveyed were confident about knowing whichkind of changes in their breasts are a sign of cancer, but a quarter (25%)still think that a lump is the only sign of breast cancer that can beidentified without medical equipment.

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