GM India Consolidates Manufacturing at Talegaon Plant

Bangalore, INDIA – General Motors India today ceased production at the Halol facility, delivering a key milestone in the consolidation of manufacturing in India.

GM IndiaPresident and Managing Director Kaher Kazem said all GM manufacturing in Indiawill now be at the company’s Talegaon facility. 

“Theconsolidation of manufacturing at our Talegaon facility is an importantmilestone for GM India,” said Kazem. “That said, we are mindful of the impacton our employees at Halol. We have committed to support them through thisnecessary transition with generous separation payments or the option ofcontinuity of employment at Talegaon.” 

Kazem said arange of additional support measures had been put in place for both theemployees who opted for the significantly enhanced separation payments andthose who will transfer, including tax and financial advice and pre-transfervisits to Talegaon. 

“Since wefirst announced in 2015 that we would cease manufacturing at Halol, we haveworked with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition,” said Kazem. 

“GM India isvery grateful for the continued support of the Government of Gujarat throughoutour time manufacturing at Halol and through this period of transition.

I would liketo recognize all our employees for their dedication, professionalism andcontributions over the many years of operation and also to our suppliers fortheir partnership and support.”

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