GMPF Appeals to Government to stick to the assurance of recommencement of Goa mining

Chennai, 27th December, 2019: Goa Mining People’s Front (GMPF), representing the cause of lakhs of people gainfully employed in the mining industry in the state of Goa, today appealed to the Government of Goa and centre for recommencement of mining activities in Goa by the end of this month. Earlier Honourable Goa CM has assured the solution for resumption of Goa mining by end of December 2019 and GMPF members feel disappointed that like so many timelines for mining resumption this timeline too will not be met by the authorities. GMPF strongly demands for the financial package for all mining dependents if the positive solution for mining imbroglio is not arrived at by end of this month as assured by Honourable Goa CM.

Mr. Puti Gaonkar, President, GMPF, said, “We strongly urge Honourable Dr. Pramod Sawant the Chief Minister of Goa to stick to his assurance of solution for Goa mining crisis by end of Dec'19. Recently we have heard announcements through statements attributed to various MLA’s in the State regarding the intention of the State to form state run Mining Corporation for resumption of Goa mining but it does not seem to be a feasible solution as the Union Mines Ministry in its IA stated that there is a likelihood of conflicting rights being created unless the challenge to Abolition Act is decided by Honourable Supreme Court of India. Besides State Run Corporation’s don’t have required expertise to conduct the mining activities, we have seen the precarious financial position of State Corporations like Sanjivani Sugar Factory and KTC in the State. We are firm on our demand of Legislative amendment or a judicial solution as promised by Honourable Prime Minister Nagendra Modi, for resumption of Goa mining which is a long-term and viable solution for sustenance of Goa mining. If the Government fails to meet the deadline of this month end for recommencement of mining activities, they must provide relief package to all mining dependents from next month onwards”.

Mr. Gaonkar also Added “If the state government is intending to sell the mining dumps through state run Mining corporation, we also urge the government to study the basic valuation of dump handling as at the present the state neither has the geologist nor has any authentic report of the minerals and the information on the grade material available in the dumps. We also request the government to start the mining cooperation and employ all mining dependents (miners, truckers, machinery, barge owners and other dependents) before giving any statement on earning Rs. 1500 crore from the dumps.”

GMPF also urged Goa government that in addition to the review petition they should continue pushing the centre and ensure that a legislative amendment which will be a long term solution for sustainable mining in the state

Mining is one of the two major sources of livelihood in Goa and the complete shutdown of mining industry has adverse effect on the livelihoods of more than 3,00,000 people in the state. The shutdown has caused an estimated loss of more than Rs. 5,000 crore per year to the State of Goa thereby adversely impacting the State’s finances. People who were deriving their livelihood from the mining sector are indebted with loans which is causing an alarming situation wherein people are defaulting on payments towards the said loans and as such are on the verge of losing their houses, possessions, etc.

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