Gopalan Enterprises launched campaign called I LOVE BENGALURU

Bangalore 05 Nov. 18: “I Love Bengaluru”, a concept by Gopalan Enterprises, is an attempt to highlight this aspect of the city. It encourages one to take pride in its roots while being open to positive changes. The use of the two most popular languages of Bengaluru in the concept reflects the diversity of the city’s people and its unique blending. The typical Bangalorean being welcoming and warm-retaining the core while accepting evolution.

Actress Kavya sha Said Bengaluru, or Bangalore, has always been a melting pot of cultures, religions, nationalities and consequentially, languages. The city has absorbed everyone into its soul and the resultant is a delicious casserole of multiple influences-those that stand out individually and yet merge to make Bangalore have its own special identity.

 The Malls of Bangalore are one of the reflections of the city-modern , functional and reflective of its people. Thus, it was only natural that the concept of “I Love Bengaluru” be launched in one of the city’s favourite malls “Gopalan Signature Mall and Gopalan Innovation Mall”. These malls are a slice of the average Bangalorean’s life-shopping, entertainment, leisure, socialising all under one roof.

Gopalan Enterprises aims to spread awareness of this campaign through its multiple malls across Bengaluru. We aim to invite youth of Bengaluru to take this campaign ahead with festivals organised at their colleges to use this icon as one representing Bengaluru.

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