Government perceives Activists as Anti-Development, but we are Pro-Development

Hyderabad. 14 July 2018….The Government perceives activists as anti-development, but we are pro-development said Jai Dhar Gupta, Environmental activist and Founder of Nirvana Being speaking at a session organised by YFLO at Hyderabad. Addressing the gathering Jai Dhar Gupta said that we consume three raw materials daily – food, water and air. And out of that we inhale ab out 12000 litres or about 14 kgs of air every day. And it is very polluted. The air we breathe-in in Hyderabad in a year is equivalent to smoking about 1000 cigarettes per year, whereas in Delhi it is worse… it is equilant to smoking about 2500 cigarettes a year. In the WHO survey of 4300 most polluted cities, the top 14 are in India. Almost every place is polluted, he said. Air Pollution has become a public health emergency. Every part of the human body except the stomach is effected by pollution. Any change has to come through the citizens. He urged the people to collaborate and join in the fight. The easiest thing that one can do in the fight against pollution is to wear a mask.

Jai Dhar Gupta shared his journey of going through health problems due to pollution and how he started working for fight against pollution. And how looking for safety for himself, he started looking for things that one can do and started the ‘Vogmask’ business. The Vogmask is able to filter PM 2.5 air pollution and it comes with a NIOSH N99 filter efficiency. He also spoke about initiatives such as ‘My Right To Breathe’ and ‘Clean Air Collective’ started by him to raise awareness about Air Pollution and garner support for change. Nirvana Being develops a portfolio of credible, sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable environmental products such as pollution masks and other

Speaking at the start of the event, Ms.  Vinita Surana, Chairperson of YFLO said that the vision for the the year is “Ignition to your Intention.”  The Talk Session was organized for our members have to an intention, we would like to give the wings, the resources, the learning, and development to take your ideas and your life to the next level.

Talking at the session, Junior Anand Gupta, Founder of which was in the forefront for getting justice to Nirbhaya said that he disagrees when people say that nothing happens in India. People say that politicians are not doing anything. But the public is also not doing anything. When non-political people rise, the government moves. He said that when people rise, changes happen. He recounted his journey of coming to India and fighting for justice for Nirbhaya. He lamented that 50% rape kits lie untested in Delhi. Implementation is extremely poor in India, he said. He urged the public to work to change the system. Systemic change doesn’t just help victims, it helps non-victims too, he said. Speaking on the Nirbhaya episode, he said that few days back Nirbhaya rapists were sentenced again. Nirbhaya’s parents are still waiting for justice. It may be 9-10 years before the case is closed, he lamented.

Ritesh Mastipuram , Founder of O2 Spa they started their social initiative in 2014 where they trained unemployed people as therapists. Out of which 95% are female they were not only given technical skills but were also trained in business basics. He urged the gathering to start social enterprises/social businesses.

Lavanya Nalli, vice chairperson of Nalli Group spoke about the entrepreneurial training she got in her family business she said it was rewarding to work with my father and grand father. She urged women to work –life  harmony. When you change your mindset there is no distinction between work and life.  

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