Grand Felicitation for India’s 30 inspiring teachers at HICC Hyderabad - iB Hubs Super 30

30 inspiring teachers from across the country who are making valuable contributions in diverse fields, were honoured under the initiative of iB Hubs Super 30. The call for nominating extraordinary teachers from across India was given by the film Super 30 and iB Hubs, a Global Hub for Industry 4.0 Technologies

The felicitation event took place at Hyderabad International Convention Centre on the evening of 19th October. Teachers from all across India flew to Hyderabad for their grand felicitation ceremony.

‘Super 30’ movie along with iB Hubs, have come forward with an initiative called ‘iB Hubs Super 30’ to recognize and celebrate many such inspiring teachers across India. This initiative received an overwhelming response of 30,000+ nominations ranging from school teachers, professors, deans, IAS trainers, coaches to singers and dance masters across the country.

Those teachers who are transforming education in rural areas and who are walking the extra mile to shape the lives of their students have been selected in iB Hubs Super 30 from across the nation.

“India is full of amazing teachers who relentlessly work towards nurturing the students and developing the country. Often, their stories remain unsung. We strongly believe that the valuable contributions of teachers who build the nation deserve to be known to the world. With this in mind, we joined hands with Super 30; to honour the inspiring teachers of our country” said Kavya Dommeti, CEO of iB Hubs.

“The 30 super teachers we selected are a representation of thousands of their likes. iB Hubs is coming up with initiatives, which will include all such teachers in India, to magnify their impact and bring a phase-shift in the country.” Kavya Dommeti said.

Along with providing end-to-end assistance to startups, iB Hubs is striding towards democratizing the high-quality education in advanced technologies. Together with teachers across India, iB Hubs aims to bring a phase shift in the educational sector and transform the country.

Some of the inspiring stories being :

Prof K Uma Maheshwara Rao

Mr. K Uma Maheswara Rao is the Director of NITK Suratkal, Karnataka. He is one of the few professors who does not see academics as the only path to scale heights in life. Mr. Rao is known for his unparalleled empathy towards his students. As the head of the department of Mining Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, he elevated the standards to a whole new level. He is a prolific researcher with technical prowess and we are glad that Mr. Rao is a part of iB Hubs Super 30.

M. Nurul Islam

Mr. M. Nurul Islam, General Secretary, Al-Ameen Mission, West Bengal has dedicated his life to building the future of underprivileged kids. He started his journey in 1976 when he set up a madrasa while he was just studying his 10th standard. In 1986, he established Al-Ameen Mission with seven poor students, which grew into 17,000 resident students today. Al-Ameen has 23,000 Alumni including 3000 doctors and 2800 engineers. Mr. Islam supports his students like a father and, motivates them like a visionary.

Bijal Damani

Ms. Bijal Damani, Educator, The Galaxy Education System, Gujarat has always strived for the betterment of the education of underpreviliged girls. Through a social entrepreneurship project called the 'Galaxy Bazaar,' she has transformed the way commerce is taught by bringing the market place right to the students. Galaxy Bazaar is a Social Entrepreneurship Project with proceeds of around One Crore and Thirty Lakhs which has been donated for supporting education of nearly 5200 Young Girls for free across 12 years. We are glad to have Ms.Bijal as a part of iB Hubs Super 30.

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