Grand Maratha Foundation's initiative to promote self-employment

Vidarbha, March 23, 2018 - The recently concluded Kisan Pragati Melava received an overwhelming response. The Melava was organised by the not for profit Grand Maratha Foundation. Farmers were trained in modern techniques for improved farming in this Kisan Pragati Melava and some seminars based on alternative farming were held. It achieved twin objectives of improving financial condition of the farmers and the development of the supplementary system.

Srikrishna Dhanokar, a resident of Kadampur village, committed suicide a few days ago dueto the distress of debt.  The Grand Maratha Foundation gave 30 kgs each ofwheat, rice and tur dal to his wife Archana Srikrishna Dhanokar. In addition,the Grand Maratha Foundation has taken responsibility for the entire cost ofeducation of Soham, son of deceased Srikrishna Dhanokar. 

Kits forself-employment were given to 50 needy farmers of Sambhapur, Palshi Khurd,Palshi Budruk, Loni Gurav and Kadamapur at the rally. These included 600chickens, 40 to 50 cap torches, 10 to 20 spraying machines and soil testingmachines and other materials which were given by Dr. R. N. Katkar of theDepartment of Soil Science of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural Universityand Grand Maratha Foundation's manager Shradha Sonawane.  Prof. S. R.Shegokar of Veterinary Department guided the farmers about how to take care forthe chicks given to them and how to nurture them. Tehsil Agriculture OfficerSanjaykumar Dhanake and Sarpanch from these five villages Pawan SrikrishnaPawar, Meeratai Sadanand Dhanokar, Dr. Sanjay Bohar, Panchfula Deshmukh, JanraoIngale, Dr. Bhasur Bhosali and other dignitaries were present at the occasion. 

Speakingabout this venture, the founder of the Grand Maratha Foundation, RohitShelatkar, said thatthe emphasis of  this initiative has always been on the advancement offarmers by using modern equipment, training and improved agricultural tools.This Kisan Pragati Melava was organized as a comprehensive platform for thedevelopment and guidance of the farmers. We will make efforts to organize suchfarmers' Kisan Pragati Melavas due to the heavy response of the farmers andtheir families on a large scale in the future. 

Enlighteningthe farmers about the foundation, Shradha Sonawane, Manager, Grand Maratha Foundation,said that farmersshould contact the foundation whenever there was injustice or torture onfarmers. The foundation is always ready to help the farmers. 

The GrandMaratha Foundation does not aim to profit from this venture, rather theobjective of the initiative is to improve thequality of life of farmers and the deprived components of Maharashtra, theconfidence of the farmers and held improve the standard of living through the long-lastingmeasures, bring modern farming technologies and start e-learning, enablefarmers to increase their income and help them get out of the cycle of povertyand loans. 

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