Greenwood High students dedicate this Christmas for the cause of love and compassion

Bangalore, December 19, 2017 – Just as it is time to bid adieu to the closing year, Christmas steps in instilling rejuvenated hopes, faith and kindness within all of us. Yet we forget that not everyone is as fortunate as we are, in being able to immerse themselves for this celebration, being surrounded by loved ones and showered with presents. Greenwood High students in their endeavor of keeping alive the virtue of joy in selfless giving reached out to the children of Samathanam Trust in the Bannerghatta campus to lighten up their spirits at least for a day. Around 100 children from the Trust joined in for the occasion and participated in various events organized by the school. They were also presented with gifts and toys by the students. Christmas carols, gifts, party, plays, Secret Santa and endless fun and frolic filled the school air.

“What couldbe more fulfilling than spreading happiness among people who are deprived ofthe basic comforts of life, unlike most of us pampered with new clothes to wearand loads of goodies to flaunt?”, expressed a student from theBannerghatta campus

While attheir Sarjapur Greenwood High campus, the same spirit of ‘sharing and caring’was left kindled by the students of Grade 12 who enthusiastically hosted afantastic Christmas Carnival with the sole intention of donating all of theraised amount to charity. There were host of entertaining games, delicious foodand other funny events such as Photo booth, Face Painting, Temporary Tattoosand many more.  The food stalls, games, finances and decorations had beenindependently planned and managed by the students. Overall, it was an activeand fun-filled day, all for a good cause at the end. 

“We believein inculcating the values of benevolence among our students and it is great tosee them coming forward to take up such a noble initiative. After all Christmasis all about love and togetherness and happiness lies in celebrating togetheras a family” said Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood HighInternational School.

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